Front page in the Sunday Post. My first thought, this is what passes for front page news in the Washington Post? Second thought, these ‘parents’ are nuts. Third thought, has Daddy made it very clear that he really wanted a little boy and is disappointed in his second child’s gender? Let the little girl ride out this phase. Buried in the article it says 80% of the kids who go through this phase get over it and return to the gender they were given in utero. No duh. My only surprise is that 20% don’t get over it. I bet that those 20% have parents like the ones in this article who have told the world that their daughter is now a son, changed her name and birth certificate, begin hormone treatments at age 10 to change the child, and locked the child into the wrong gender, setting her up for a lifetime of surgeries accompanied by physical and emotional pain.

Adding to all this bizarre stuff, the parents let a 5 year old chose her own male name! Who does that? Who lets a 5 year old decide their own name? Her first choice was Talon! This little girl needs better parents, a whole new set of ADULTS, who can take on the role of PARENTS.