“Harbor Station” No More…

SunCal has decided to jettison the name “Harbor Station” for its high-end development along the Potomac River in Prince William County and has opted to call it “Potomac Shores.”  A new website, www.potomacshores.com is now online with a “Coming Soon” tag.  Here’s a preview of the logo for the new name.

At one point it was discussed that it would be renamed “Potomac Harbor” (in fact that is still the name used on Jack Nicklaus’s website for his signature course that is there and has been ready for play for several years), but I assume that may have caused confusion with National Harbor.

SunCal is in the process of submitting revised zoning plans and a revised S.U.P for the town center to the county.  More information should begin to trickle out over the summer and there are tentative plans to hold a meeting with the neighboring Southbridge community in the fall.  Rumor is that construction on 350 homes will begin shortly.

This development has been a long-time in coming — over ten years and three developers to be precise.  Once this gets rolling, coupled with the high-end retail and restaurants of Potomac Town Center at Stonebridge opening this October and the continued upscaling of Potomac Mills with the addition of new stores and restaurants (including the Cheesecake Factory and one from celebrity chef Bobby Flay) and Prince William County will finally begin to look like what it is — one of America’s top ten wealthiest counties.


2 thoughts on ““Harbor Station” No More…

  1. Thank you for this great information!! I have been waiting for the past two years for a 4th floor condo to come available in Potomac Pointe….the best i could get was a 3rd floor condo with a fabulous river view. The 2 bd, 2 bath condo was a short-sale for about $200,000 – originially had sold for about $350,000……..but iam holding out for a 4th flooor with an extra room above it……so, now i want to check out this place you are talking about……thank you……hummmmm i can be the token Democrat neighbor!!!!!

  2. Ken, undoubtedly you would be a good neighbor. No condos for the foreseeable future, though. All I’ve heard so far is about the 350 single-family homes and that was from one of my neighbors who spoke with some construction guys on site out there.

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