Tim Kaine: “I Can See Delaware From My House…”

Turnabout is fair play. (I’m talking to you liberals out there with Palin Derangement Syndrome.)

Vice President Joe Biden is hosting a fundraiser tonight for fmr. Gov. Tim Kaine.  I guess Biden must have a real affinity for Kaine given they come from bordering states.

What?  You didn’t know that Virginia and Delaware border one another on the Eastern Shore?  I didn’t, either, until about four years ago when Timmy! said it himself.

KAINE: Well, first, Joe [Biden] comes from a state, Delaware, that borders Virginia. The eastern shore part of Virginia and Delaware are not only bordering but very, very similar. And I think there’s a lot in common, and Joe understands that.

Unfortunately the YouTube account that hosted the video of this gem is down, but I’m sure that particular clip will resurface soon.

To clear things up once and for all, here is a map, Governor, of the state that you headed up for four years showing its relation to Delaware.  Virginia is in light green, Delaware is navy blue and that big swath of yellow between the two is called MARYLAND.  You may have heard of it.

Shhhhhhh….. Don’t tell Biden, though. I’m sure he still thinks that he and Kaine come from bordering states.


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    1. That’s pretty good. Speaking of Maryland, I’m hoping to see a southern migration of freedom lovers now that their up and coming governor has lowered the definition of rich to $100K-$150K.

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