The real RINO’s stomp their feet and cry!!

Last evening I posted as a status message on my Facebook, “The True RINO’s are those who take pleasure in tearing down leadership who are working to change the party”. It is weird to me that some folks did not understand what I was saying in that statement. I am not one to attack others writings nor am I one to attack other people personally, but I am one who will stand behind those who have an outlook on the party that is optimistic and useful. I have seen attacks on Cuccinelli , McDonnell and recently elected Chairman Whitbeck all over the place, during all these attacks my question is who the hell do you support if you are against everyone? Why be against everyone and for no one. Wait, I know they are for themselves.
It’s unnerving to see folks who have nothing to do but to tear down others in an attempt to make a name for themselves. It unnerves me to see that those who are not important think they are, but instead make themselves look like nut jobs. Reality check you naysayers are nut job’s, instead of being a cannibal to the leadership and eating the heads off our leadership, step up and do something… Volunteer your advice to those in leadership, instead of complaining about them. Ask yourself if you love this party so much. Why are you not trying to fix any issues? I am not going to point fingers or name names, but stop your belly aching and crying and get involved in the party, not destroy it. If you don’t like your party here is a simple solution ….leave it. Leave it and leave those who care about conservatism alone, and let us fight the real enemy. Solution two take your land build a playground take you and your friends, and take your childishness to the jungle gym, your being useless and no help at all.
I personally have been attacked by more than one person for supporting the newly elected Chairman of the tenth, to that I say yes I support John 100 percent! I support his efforts to expand our party, his vision for the future of our party, and his willingness to serve. There has been no other person aside from Pat Herrity, John Cook and Ken Cuccinelli that have been more motivated than John Whitbeck to expand our party to different people.
My plea is to help not attack. RINO’s destroy the party. And it’s time that either you leave…or Help, we have elections to win.


18 thoughts on “The real RINO’s stomp their feet and cry!!

  1. Good post. But I must say people in the 10th seem to be thrilled with John Whitbeck. He’s certainly hit the ground running with some great ideas, and great people, to charge up our very important district for the very important elections in the fall.

    The only criticism seems to be coming from a few disgruntled HOA members, like John Footen, on TooConservative. He’s still unhappy that Landsdowne built a pool, or put up a gate, or some such silly thing when John was on the board there. Footen knows absolutely nothing about Loudoun politics. He’s equally clueless on the national level. He’s wrong at least 95% of the time. He just makes it up as he goes along, hoping to hit a mark, yet he so rarely does. That silly woman, HOAhill, (Beverly, Barbara? everyone tries to forget her too) is the same way, still mad about some dumb HOA thing years ago. Of course John was only ONE of ten votes when he was on their HOA board. I wonder if they’re that mad at the other nine who did whatever it was they didn’t like? I suspect that they are.

    Footen and Loudoun Insider are the perfect pair, they both hate anyone and everyone who has anything to do with Loudoun Republicans for reasons that are personal and have nothing to do with republicans or even politics. They each have their own ‘special’ reasons for not liking John, and none of those reasons have anything to do with Republicans or the 10th district or the fine man that John Whitbeck is. It’s their own, personal, ridiculous, vendettas. I wouldn’t call them RINOs since they aren’t even republicans, and they don’t give a hoot about the party. They’re just the never-ending angry of Loudoun county, the disgruntled, whiny, victims. (Just like democrats!) Pathetic to see in supposed adults. Every HOA has them, just as every high school has teenagers suffering from unrequited love. The difference is most teenagers get over a rejection, and their anger, and move on without exposing the rest of us to their endless temper tantrums and whiny rants. Sigh……..

    1. We should all find this constant carping, complaining and fault-finding more than tiresome. It is far from constructive and simply reveals a lack of perspective and character on the part of the bellyaching set. John Whitbeck is our Chairman, and he is working on our behalf to keep the 10th as a solid GOP CD. Parts of it are, others, not so much.

      The conventional wisdom is that the 10th is on solid ground, but the truth is that we may actually be experiencing the calm before the storm.

      I refer, of course, to the successor to our beloved MOC. Many are lining up for the post, but only one will be chosen; and that person must be able to win the seat, keep it in the GOP-fold.

      Let’s unite, and join together in our common objective, which is no less than the survival of our nation. Our part in that process is to elect Mitt Romney, George Allen and Frank Wolf.

      Let’s get on with it.

    2. LL,

      I never write anything on Too Conservative about a pool or fence or whatever. I criticized Whitbeck on Lansdowne Living almost entirely for decisions related to Openband. Valid criticisms.

      This is typical of the low quality lack of fact checking by some people who want to call themselves conservatives.

      Whitbeck is no conservative. And he has presented no ideas. I was for Anna Lee, so I am for something.

      You are typical of his supporters. No facts and no substance. RINOs like you who pretend to be conservatives need to find some substance in your arguments and support some conservatives for once.

      Otherwise you just look like fools embarrassing the party and yourselves.

    3. Oops, how silly of me! It’s not the pool that is your HOA issue against Whitbeck! I confused you with the other Landsdowne whiners! sorry! Your issue is a completely different HOA issue, Broadband!
      Of course John Whitbeck had nothing to do with adopting broadband services for Landsdowne. He was not around for the creation of Landsdowne. He didn’t even live in Loudoun when that broadband was chosen. Sorry, I miss identified your reasons for disliking John, which still have nothing to do with republican leadership in the 10th district. It’s all about your HOA grudges.

      Be careful out there John. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” rarely makes for loyalty. You and LI may share the same enemy this week, but that can change on a dime and with him it often changes more quickly than that.

      Bottom line, despite your little HOA issues, John Whitbeck is a great guy and will be a great leader in the 10th. He proved that when unified the party and got 81% of the vote.

    4. John, might you share with us why you wrote a post on TC about Marianne Horinko and the Tea Party? Are you confusing her with Ron Wilcox, the Tea Party Chair? Marianne does not report to the Tea Party, she does not live in Landsdowne, or even Loudoun County. So why was your post direct at her? It seemed, well, bizarre. What’s she got to do with the Tea Party? I suggest that you post your concerns to Ron Wilcox, who is involved with the Tea Party.

      Wait, you support the Tea Party and you supported Anna Lee?!! Hahahaha, that’s hilarious! I bet Anna got a big kick out of that!

      Me thinks it is YOU who continues to play the fool in Loudoun county politics. Bless your heart, you know nothing about it, but that hasn’t stopped you from trying!

    5. Footen, how did you support Anna Lee, you were not at the convention to even vote for her. Have you ever met her? With your lack of knowledge on all things Loudoun politics related and your unreadable and confusing posts it is hard to take you seriously.

    6. My Google news reader directed me here, because you used my name. Looking at the stats on this site, I don’t have to worry about to many people reading this nonsense. So, I am not going to raise the non profile of this in search results further by responding again. You have something to say to me, email me. Whitbeck has my email.

      The reality is that you don’t even know what you are talking about. His HOA record is the only record he has. The issue isn’t even related to broadband. John Whitbeck has had a tremendous amount to do with Openband. Ask him if he would like me to post his emails to me. I am sure he would rather those be kept private, so stop defending an issue that you, as a Lovettsville resident know nothing about. If you want to learn, I wrote about it extensively on Lansdowne Living. You can read all the details there.

      If you have a problem with what someone posts on too conservative, then go on there and say something. Don’t come on here, and – as per your own admission above – confuse me with someone else posting about issues I have never posted about.

      You want to claim I don’t know what I am talking about, but then proceed only to prove you don’t know what you are talking about.

      Who looks the fool now?

      Any future reader is welcome to come to Lansdowne Living where I have posted extensive detail on this and see for themselves.

      And any reader who had a problem with TC should go on there and say your piece to them.

      I am not responding again on here.

    7. John, since you can’t see the stats for this site, you have no idea how many readers we have. I suspect that you and your little friend would be shocked.

      You will have to forgive posters and readers here for not being up on the latest from “Landsdowne Living”. It doesn’t have much of a circulation in the real world.

      I am unable to respond on TC, even if I wanted to, because Jeffy banned me. As we all know, he can’t handle the truth!

    8. John,
      No one asked how you got here or why.

      We’ll stop using real names when your boss stops trying to destroy businesses and people in Loudoun by libeling them on a daily basis, always using their real names.

      What goes around comes around, except we don’t libel people.

  2. OK, go ahead and batter me, BUT, I spent yesterday at the State Democratic Convention at GMU yesterday, and how REFRESHING it was, much like the day itself, to hear the likes of Gerry Connolly, Jim Webb and Tim Kaine talk about the values of the Deomcratic Party, who we represent and where we are going…….all clear and all important issues that will be addressed before, during and after next year’s inauguration of Barack Obama and a new Congress!!!

  3. This is too funny. He professes to have supported Anna Lee, who garnered an amazing 1 vote to every 4 votes that Whitbeck recieved.
    What’s more, JoAnn Chase and Lee probably stripped Tom Whitmore of the Unit Chairmanship of PWC, as well as a delegate’s seat at the Convention by involving him in their personal war against the Republican Party.
    Tom will recover, because it is his nature to lead and build consensus.
    Lee and Chase are done. Over. Finished.

    Railing on about how “conservative” you are while posting the latest liberal drivel won’t make anything so…except confirm how liberal one really was after all. We’ve all seen the emporer….and he was devoid of any clothing. Draping him now doesn’t serve any purpose, because that horse left the barn months ago.

    1. Never count Jo-Ann out. She’s the original wackamole. She takes a pounding and pops back up to run another day for another position.

  4. As for the stats…..when did you gain access to the account?
    It’s access only, dude….and it relates that we have around 10 times the original ISP hits that TC did/does (not accounting for lost traffic since you all started a depressing campaign to shoot yourselves in the foot around 2 years ago).
    Methinks you’re probably down to the five malcontents holding a circle-jerk while this blog just picked up two more power-hitters. Stay posted.

  5. Funniest thing over at that rag read all week:
    They still think that Loudoun Patriot and Jo Mama still write for the Chesapeake whatever it is…..
    Step into 2012, guys.
    The past is over, and both of those writers have moved onto greener pastures and left the leftist to their own devises. Be aware that – left to their own devices, they went down the same irrelevant path that TC did. It’s a matter of time before you’ll all have to fold up shop and “moveon”…..get it?

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