BVBL Calls For Resignations In PWC Slush Fund-gate

Greg L. at BVBL has reached the breaking point with two of PWC’s supervisors, calling for the resignation of Neabsco Dist. Supervisor John Jenkins and Potomac Dist. Supervisor Maureen Caddigan stemming from their use of taxpayer funds to purchase commemorative bricks at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in their own names and those of their spouses.

Greg writes:

The more I reflect on this, the more outraged I become.  Who would do such a thing in a place that honors the memory and sacrifice of those Marines who honorably served our country, many of whom have given their lives or endured unimaginable hardships?

His outrage is real and justifiable on many levels.

At this point, I believe that the county should be repaid these amounts, plus interest, from these supervisors’ personal funds or campaign accounts for the purchase of these commemorative bricks.  If they fail to do the right thing here, then maybe I’ll be joining Greg’s chorus on this.

Furthermore, there should be a full accounting done of all such contributions made by currently sitting supervisors from their discretionary funds dating back to when they first took office to determine what else was done with these funds that constituted personal or political use of taxpayer money.  The county should then seek reimbursement for those amounts.

Finally, should circumstances warrant it (and they increasingly appear to do so), a special prosecutor should be appointed to determine whether use of such funds were “related to a public matter” and therefore a permissible use of discretionary funds. This was the standard set back in 2007 when Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert failed in his witch hunt against PWC Chairman Corey Stewart who used discretionary funds to send a mailing to county residents notifying them of a public hearing on the Rule of Law resolution.  It would only make sense to do so now where so many things several supervisors have spent taxpayer money on have no apparent relation to “a public matter.”


4 thoughts on “BVBL Calls For Resignations In PWC Slush Fund-gate

  1. I agree with you and Greg that this just goes a step beyond- it’s one thing to contribute to your favorite charities, but to make contributions in your own name with money that’s not your own, it’s outrageous. That said, as I mentioned before, it’s nothing new with this crowd of supervisors and each time any of us bring it up it seems as if we might be in a club of only a few who care. The Sups continue to win elections with impressive margins. Let’s see if they decide to limit these activities anytime soon….

  2. Shame Shame Shame. I will only say to these Supervisors that the taxpayers are at least as upset as they probably are that this is being exposed. In fact, I am a whole lot more upset than they ever could be. A vote to do away with this practice and a pledge to reimburse amounts that constituted personal or political use of taxpayer money is a good start but I am in full support of them tendering their resignations.

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