Did you know expanding our voter base is big Govt? Neither did I

I love to tout to some of my friend’s downstate that here in Northern Virginia we are heading in the right direction for recruitment of minorities and youth voters into the Republican Party. That being said the folks who feel a do something Chairman like John Whitbeck is the devil incarnate are attacking him for establishing committees to strengthen these things throughout the district; they are accusing him as being big government. One of the most backwards things I have heard since I began getting involved in politics in 97. RPV has virtually done nothing to expand our voter base here in Virginia relying on the good ol’ boy network to keep the party going, unfortunately they do not see that is not going to work for much longer, that idea will probably fail them in the near future. Applaud for those in Northern Virginia who are embracing the ideas of committees to improve things here in NOVA and hopefully the idea will spread throughout the Commonwealth.
Former Fairfax GOP Chairman Bedell began this trend of Coalition building and he was not accused of being “big Government “Current Fairfax Chairman Jay McConville has continued this and no one has accused him of this either. Funny John Whitbeck does it, it becomes weapons of war, and he becomes the worst Conservative to ever step foot on earth. Those who live their lives by certain doctrine that a majority of folks don’t agree with should keep out of grown folks business and remain in the shadows. Those who have absolutely nothing else to do should remain in their living room and watch the Kardashians and let us get things done. Constant distractions and public masturbation to yourselves make you look like absolute idiots.. Get over yourself and move on and out of GOP business since you obviously have none here..


5 thoughts on “Did you know expanding our voter base is big Govt? Neither did I

  1. Hilarious post & totally spot-on. Thanks for putting a bit of perspective out here. Nothing like facts to clear things up. Besides, these people need to get some good cheese to go with that whine. Ha ha.

    1. Like all good liberals, whining is what they do best! I agree, the post is hilarious, and spot on. The image of them watching the Kardashians is hilarious!

  2. A congressional district committee has very little to do with issues like Metro. It’s there to help the unit committees. The new Chairman has gotten some people to volunteer to help out. That’s great.

    1. Exactly! John is expanding the party in the 10th district. In November we will need every single vote we can get to defeat Obama and to take back the Senate. That’s John’s goal and he’s making big strides toward it.

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