Have at it.  What do you predict will happen in the U.S. Senate race?  The various U.S. House primaries?  What are you seeing and hearing where you are in Virginia today?

Let’s hear it!



As of mid-day, Fairfax County is reporting a total voter turnout of just 0.6%.  Rain is said to be depressing turnout in NOVA.  Anecdotal reports I have heard are of people showing up to vote against Moran.  In such a light turnout election, it might be possible that Congress could finally be rid of this human stain…


Here’s a look via Facebook at how primary day is treating two of the candidates for U.S. Senate.


15 thoughts on “OPEN THREAD: PRIMARY DAY 2012

  1. I think Jim Moran will get around 80%. He’s not beaten up anyone lately, and he now votes very left wing. Democrats in the 8th don’t much care about Moran’s very long list of scandals as long as he votes the way they want.

    Bruce Shuttleworth, the Democrat running against Moran, is just as left wing as Moran and he’s clean. But has not campaigned much in the race and was unknown to Democrats before this race.

    1. One wild card is the City of Alexandria is having a primary for city council for the first time in 4 decades. With low turnout, and Shuttleworth having plenty of signs labeling himself a “Progressive Warrior,” Moran might be in for more of a fight than previously thought. Haven’t seen a single Moran sign around Alexandria, so either he really is that far ahead or else he’s overly confident.

    2. Yes, I think Alexandria will dwarf the rest of the 8th district Democrat primary because of the City Council race.

      I’ve been to several precincts today, and Moran had people at most of them. Apparently there was a last minute effort by Moran to have people outside the polling places.

  2. I’m voting for Bob Marshall………..he’s a nice guy when not dealing with political issues and a vote for Bob or the other 2 is a vote against Coqboy George who i despise because he is so phony!! A vote for Bob will also marginalize George’s victory and hopefully make it easier for Kaine to win………….

  3. I voted just before 8 a.m. at Swans Creek precinct in PWC. Pretty quiet. No campaign workers outside (slight misting rain at the time) and only a handful of signs, all for Chris Perkins who is running in the 11th Dist. against Ken Vaughn.

  4. Cantor and Allen signs at the three polling places I passed, two of which I visited (recently moved, seems I don’t vote across the street, I vote around the corner and up the block). At the first polling place a Cantor volunteer was handing out slicks. At the second there was a Radtke volunteer sitting but not handing anything out. In both I was about the 20th person to show up as of 9am.

  5. I think Allen comes in with 71%, to 14% for Radtke, 11% for Marshall, and 4% for Jackson. Honestly, I wish it were possible for Jackson to finish 2nd. Not only is he an incredible speaker, but, unlike Jamie Radtke, he’s run a positive campaign focused on defeating Democrats rather than attacking fellow Republicans. Unfortunately, he’s just never developed the money, organization or name ID for that to happen.

    1. Agreed, I hope EW places higher. I very much appreciate his message and positive tone. EW Jackson is a class act.

    2. Jackson will do much better than expected. I hope he takes away a clear message that we need him in Virginia politics.

  6. I’ve gotten so many calls from Jamie i feel like family~~ It would be interesting to know how the Virginia system evolved so people like me could play in the Republican sandbox on primary day!!! It s/be recalled that Connaughton busted up our party about 5 years ago by inserting someone into th primary who beat our Sherriff…………and now Glen Hill has the job for life……….

  7. At 10 am there were 64 voters at the Horizon Precinct in Loudoun. Since I placed signs at 10 precincts last night, I drove through to see how they weathered the rain. There was only one other precinct with opponents signs (who shall remain nameless) and that was the only precinct that had 2 of my signs on the ground. Hmmmm.

  8. All I know is that George Allen got two votes my family today at Hartwood Church in Stafford County. He was the only one with signs and turn out was very low, we were 10/11th persons to vote today.

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