Virtucon Electoral College Map – 6/13/2012 – Romney +3

Here’s where we see the current Electoral College landscape using RealClearPolitics “Create Your Own Map” program.  Despite recent polls showing Romney with slim leads in IA, MI and WI, we are keeping them in the toss up category.

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3 thoughts on “Virtucon Electoral College Map – 6/13/2012 – Romney +3

  1. I keep hearing, Virginia is the key. It will all come down to Virginia. So says Joe Trippi and Karl Rove. Even this early, it seems like we have so few real swing states. Who would have thought that Iowa would be a swing state? It’s looking like we could carry it. Wisconsin and MIchigan? Less likely. We’ll win Florida, especially with Rubio on the ticket. Missouri and Indiana too.

  2. As a MI native with close ties through family and friends, I would agree that leaving MI in the toss-up category makes sense. I love my home state, but the people there pretty much have D E M O C R A T stamped on their birth certificate. I have converted some, but I have a long way to go…

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