Obama want’s me to come get my free chicken


Ok I’m just going to vent about this for a second because it…frankly pisses me off. Obama is catering to Black people in a way that could not be to me more offensive. His radio spot that has a choir singing about having his back to me is the equivalent of telling me to get in line to get my free chicken and watermelon. The stereotypical way this is presented is stupid and offensive and whoever wrote the radio spot should be ashamed of themselves and outed as being  as racist as they claim Republicans to be .

And I’m done ….

And no Obama I AINT got your back


Here is the crappy spot

And do you remember this gem?



9 thoughts on “Obama want’s me to come get my free chicken

  1. Ruth, I am not sure, I only know that it’s probably more than 99% of the unemployed people on the mainland got to go. To confirm, I asked Eric Holder and he responded: “I don’t know.” He’s going to find out though…..so hold on.

  2. so do we pretend there are no black voters? The ad leans towards a demographic. You find this odd? How about FAIR generated commercials? Sure they might have a token Latino in there for show but we know it’s really white people.

    Saying you aren’t a racist doesn’t necessarily make it so.

  3. fdg….you know the typical liberal only feigns understanding of race issues. They automatically assasinate the character of anyone who makes the case you just did…..especially those african Americans who dare to challenge the administration!!!

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