Gerry Connolly Trivializes Slavery, Segregation

This is incredibly insensitive for Cong. Gerry Connolly to compare the Supreme Court potentially striking down the individual mandate in Obamacare to two great stains on America — slavery and segregation.

Connolly said a ruling against the mandate would rank with the court’s worst decisions in its history. He compared the potential opinion with those now considered to be the Supreme Court’s biggest mistakes: Plessy v. Ferguson, which established the “separate but equal” doctrine, and Dred Scott v. Sandford, which said that people brought to the United States as slaves are not U.S. citizens with rights.

“We’ve had many times in history where the Supreme Court has made bad decisions and made bad law that have been seen as such, subsequently,” Connolly said. “The Dred Scott decision … actually nullified the Missouri Compromise, and it led directly to the Civil War. And when we look back on it, we have to ask ourselves, was that a good decision?”

Connolly just doesn’t get it as he continues his slide to using inflammatory language akin to bomb thrower Jim Moran.  Connolly is turning everyone who disagrees with his hyper-liberal agenda into an enemy who is an extremist and/or militant.

It is time for the 11th District to return to rational leadership who will represent ALL constituencies fairly.  That person is Chris Perkins.


One thought on “Gerry Connolly Trivializes Slavery, Segregation

  1. connolly may have overdone it rhetorically, but it seems that the call for his replacement may also be a bit overdone……………..connolly has a very strong background dealing with all levels of govt and deserves another term based on that………….

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