Obama in Virginia

On Saturday Obama came to Centreville.  Rather than speak at George Mason he chose a much smaller venue, Centreville high school, and I’m hearing it wasn’t packed.  By contrast, I went to hear President Bush when he came to George Mason, a much larger place, and it was packed.  Also in stark contrast was Romney’s recent visit to Loudoun where thousands of people had to be turned away.

Anyone know why Obama needs two motorcycles and 20 vehicles in his motorcade?  And why dic he need to close off entire neighborhoods for hours?

Hundreds of people turned out yesterday, on very short notice, to line the roads against Obama on his trip to the high school.  Greg Letiecq has put together a terrific video of the event:

More coverage of the event here and here.   The protest was also picked up by InstaPundit!

Isn’t this Obama Event sign for “White Tickets” a bit racist?  Where did they make Black people sit?


8 thoughts on “Obama in Virginia

  1. My neighbor who is an Obama supporter claimed the line were tickets was ridiculous. I don’t doubt her but your findings are interesting (and good for our side).

    And I would assume it was the Secret Service which shut down the neighborhood roads and not Obama personally. It isn’t his fault he needs security though.

  2. Dear Lovettslade

    Why report on an event you did not attend?

    Roads are closed off because those are the rules the Secret Service (do we dare call them the SS?) make, and we do want to follow rules, don’t we? Also, we don’t want our President shot – you know who’s waiting in the wings!

    As for venue / Is bigger better for some readon?

  3. Ok, I’ve read clarification on the white tickets. Those tickets let people in the front door. The colored tickets let people in the back door.

    Ruth, I have no idea what you’re asking me. Sorry.

  4. I asked why you reported on an event you did not attend.

    “I’m hearing it wasn’t packed.” Sounds like you weren’t there.

    1. I heard that there was no lack of attendance, but I wasn’t there
      so I’m not reporting that there was or there wasn’t.

  5. Ruth, I don’t know where you get your rules about commenting/reporting on an event. LvL made some general comments and linked to 3 sites where there was some commentary from people at the event, as well as a video.

    Believe me, I have read accounts of meetings/events from some bloggers that have beared little resemblance to the actual event. it is quite entertaining to set them straight, particularly when I planned and attended said event.

    I agree that the closing of streets/neighborhoods and the ensuing traffic congestion associated with a Presidential visit is something that can’t be improved, particularly in this area.

  6. I dont have time to read or watch Greg’s coverage, but i did get a cold blast on hate radio this morning and afternoon on the alleged evils of Obama’s trip. What was especially startling was the allegation of how people are destroying our govt……………which in my mind………….started with the hate radio crowd……………….

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