2013 GOP Gov. Cash Hauls

For the period of 1/1/12 – 6/30/12


Bill Bolling
$983,239 Starting Balance
$962,061 Raised
$1,479,100 Cash On-hand

Ken Cuccinelli
$0 Starting Balance
$922,846 Raised
$627,337 Cash On-hand

Also of note in the LG race:

Corey Stewart
$0 Starting Balance
$430,048 Raised
$401,090 Cash On-hand

Del. Scott Lingamfelter declared his candidacy just before the filing period ended, so he had only begun his fundraising efforts at this point.

We’ll have the AG numbers later…



3 thoughts on “2013 GOP Gov. Cash Hauls

  1. VPAP only listed money in the accounts affiliated with campaigns for statewide office, not anything that is sitting in other accounts for other offices or PACs.

  2. isnt it wonderful that “Crossroads” donated $1.0 million to Cowboy George? Does this mean that the Chinese govt or whoever Crossroads is will own that Senate seat instead of the people of Virginia? I would dearly like to know what others think of this scheme!!!

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