Obama To Accept His Nomination In A Place That Doesn’t Exist

You, too, can win a trip to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC that wraps up at “Panthers Stadium with President Obama” where he will accept his nomination to run for a second term.

One problem.  There is no such thing as “Panthers Stadium” nor has the football stadium where the NFL’s Carolina Panthers play their home games ever been referred to as Panthers Stadium.  First, it was Carolinas Stadium and then Ericsson Stadium before it received its current name…


That’s right.  It’s BANK OF AMERICA stadium.

I do have to say that this is a nice way to draw extra attention to the inherent hypocrisy of this administration, though.  Had they just been up front about this and not tried to retcon reality, this issue would have been a minor blip during the convention.  Instead, they’re calling attention to it in a big way.  Bank of America received $20 billion in bailout funds from the taxpayers and turned around to give $2 million to ACORN.