Obama’s Former Budget Director Blames Summer For Making Kids “Dumber and Fatter”

President Obama’s former Budget Director Peter Orszag must be aiming to become the world’s biggest buzzkill.  He penned an op-ed for Bloomberg saying that summer makes kids “dumber and fatter.”  Wrong.

Parents who don’t take an active involvement in their children’s lives are the ones who are responsible for making their kids dumb (and subsequently part of the Democratic voter base) and fat.   No matter a parent’s economic or social background, there is no excuse for anyone not to tell their kids to turn off the TV / computer / video game and either go play outside or read a book.  Orszag, of course, instead argues for lengthening the school year or, alternatively, creating summer programs for kids who qualify for the free lunch program. One may wish to note that there is a federal program offering free breakfasts and lunches during the summer and in many cities, including Boston, there is no need to show that kids qualify for free lunches.  In fact, it is open to ANY child as ads posted on the T subway system state.  Here is the general information from their website.

Free Summer Meals

From June 25-August 31, 2012, Boston children can take advantage of the Summer Food Service Program to get free, healthy breakfast and lunch.

The Summer Food Service Program provides free meals for children ages 18 and under at nearly 150 locations throughout the city, including schools, community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, churches, Boston Housing Authority sites, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) pools, and YMCAs.

The Summer Food Services Program is funded by the federal government and administered by the Massachusetts Department of Education. Boston Public Schools Food & Nutrition Services Department sponsors the program locally.

No registration or ID is required to take part in this program. To find the site closest to you, call 1-800-645-8333 or check out this map.

Let’s clarify that:

The Universal Breakfast and Summer Food Service Programs serve free meals to children regardless of household income.

I’m all for feeding hungry children, but not if the parents can afford to feed their own kids.  Seriously?  “Regardless of household income”?  “Funded by the federal government”?

So, basically, Orszag’s program most likely would be open to everyone, further encouraging lazy parenting by allowing people to shift responsibility to the government for the care, feeding and well-being of their children.

Summer isn’t to blame.  It is condescending bureaucrats such as yourself, Mr. Orszag, and any parents who are complicit via their indifference.

Someone needs to introduce this guy to Phineas and Ferb quick!

You, sir, are a Class-A Doofenshmirtz…


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