Who’s The Boss?


Exactly who is the boss at the McCoart Building in Prince William County — the members of the Board of County Supervisors or the County Executive?  Unlike the Tony Danza sitcom, this actually matters.  If it is our elected officials, as I believe the case to be, then these allegations against Prince William County Executive Melissa Peacor must be investigated and, if found to be true, she should be fired if she does not first resign.

Several comments already made in response to that post highlight the perils to the county regarding personnel matters and the precedents this would set in terms of potential legal actions if these allegations against Peacor prove to be true and no action is taken.  Here is a sample from just the first such response.

You simply can not speak that way about your boss, especially when you’re the highest ranked employee in the county. If she gets away with it, EVERY other employee in the county will be shielded from discipline for similar remarks about [their] bosses by virtue of her example. Attorneys will simply have to depose Peacor, as the head of the county, and ask her under oath if she has made such remarks about her boss in the past – and what if any discipline she received. She has screwed herself. She can’t stay, she’s a legal liability. One thing this region has plenty of, are good employment lawyers who specialize in government sector firings. They would eat her alive – if she stays, her outburst can be referred to as PWC Employee Full Employment Rant of 2012.


7 thoughts on “Who’s The Boss?

  1. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? If she was explaining the County budget process to Candland, she did nothing wrong. Candland, in my estimation, was making a foool of himself. Apparently he and his likeminded fellow travelers went about trying to understand the budget. And since they could not understand it, then Peacor must be pilfering money for her own pet causes each year. Most adults would privately go to the source of the budget – Peacor et al – and get an understanding of the process. If, after doing this, he could not understand the process, THEN he should go forward. At the end of the day, she understands it, Wall Street understands it, Local Govt Finance Executives understands it; the only one that doenst understand it is little Pete!! And now VV is calling for Peacor’s head. I watched the meeting last night. If anyone spoke out of order, it was little Pete who seems to think he is some kind of financial expert since he works folr a big company. Hummmmmmmmmmmm, you should seee where i work…..we deal in fr……. trillions!!!! And i aint pompous about it!!

  2. Ken, reading comprehension. Click on the link and read the obsenities Peacor is alleged to have used against Candland in front of staffers. Candland and the other 7 BOCS members are HER BOSSES.

  3. How will we know if Peacor is investigated? Will one day she just be gone? I hope Candland brings this up at the next meeting. He can ask why Peacor is still sitting in front of him.

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