You Won’t Want To Miss The Next PWC YR Meeting


I know that y’all are closely watching the Democratic Convention on television right now so I figured there was no better time to send this email.
The Prince William Area Young Republicans will hold its next meeting at 3PM this SundaySeptember 9th at Madigan’s Waterfront Restaurant in Occoquan (201 Mill Street, Occoquan, VA 22125). We’ve got a great special guest this week that you will not want to miss.
This Sunday, we will hear from PWC’s own Jim Riley, Editor-In-Chief of Virginia Virtucon, who will be speaking with us about “The American Idea: Understanding Paul Ryan”, a talk which will focus on who and what made GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan into who he is today.
Jim has some great personal insight into Paul Ryan- they literally sat next to each other while working at Empower America in the early 1990’s. Jim’s talk will focus on the profound impact that Jack Kemp’s book “The American Idea” had on molding Paul Ryan’s political philosophy in the early stages of his career.  By Ryan’s own account, Kemp had an incredible influence over the direction his life would take and only a handful of people were there by his side to witness and fully understand it.
I hope to see you on Sunday at 3PM for this great talk! As always, please spread the word to your friends and family. I have included the meeting information here: 
Meeting of the Prince William Area Young Republicans
with Special Guest Jim Riley
Sunday, September 9th at 3:00PM

Madigan’s Waterfront Restaurant
201 Mill Street  Occoquan, VA 22125

Andrew Clark
Prince William Area Young Republicans

4 thoughts on “You Won’t Want To Miss The Next PWC YR Meeting

    1. Come on, Donna. Chris Perkins and Mike Wooten were guest speakers as well. And if you had bothered to have shown up, you might have learned something about how the conservative movement influenced the younger generation that is now coming up.

  1. Riley,
    So other than two candidates and yourself,really the audience was only two.
    P.S. Donna has far more political experience than Mr.Riley. You obviously have no clue. And it doesn’t come from sitting next to someone over 10 years ago.

    1. I’ll go speak to one person if it will help the cause. Other than the candidates, there were probably half a dozen people there. And it was 20 years ago that I first met Paul and saw the impact that Kemp had on shaping him into the man he is today. Ten years ago we were both already in our current positions and interacting on a different level.

      In all seriousness, why are you so bitter?

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