Obama Coming To PWC On Friday; Venue Is A 6,000 Seat Stadium

President Obama makes his first trip to Prince William County since drawing 85,000 people to the PWC Fairgrounds (thanks to Matt K. for correcting the location) as a candidate in 2008.  What a difference four years makes.  He couldn’t even draw 85,000 people to fill Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, NC during the Democratic convention earlier this month on a clear, beautiful evening (hence the “severe weather” excuse for moving his speech into the much smaller 20,000 seat arena.)  So where is he going to be this Friday?

The 6,000 seat G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium, home of the Potomac Nationals.

According to his campaign, Obama will lay out what’s at stake for middle-class families with a plan to restore middle-class security by paying down debt in a balanced way that ensures everyone pays their fair share and still invests in the things needed to create jobs and grow the economy over the long term. He is slated to appear at 12:45 p.m.

No wonder they’ve selected a venue that can accomodate fewer people than the 10,000+ that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan attracted back in August in Manassas.  Obama is peddling the same old promises he didn’t deliver on over the past four years.


4 thoughts on “Obama Coming To PWC On Friday; Venue Is A 6,000 Seat Stadium

  1. I’m glad you are so excited about the President of the United States coming to Dale City………i am……………..i even went when John MCCain came here 4 years ago to th straight arm salutes from the men in red shirts

  2. I find it troubling that you have concluded Obama’s popularity has significantly lessened, simply because he has choosen a different venue from his huge 2008 Pr.William campaign rally.
    First, I’m not sure you have accurate facts about Obama’s 2008 appearance in Pr. William County. If you were referring to Obama’s appearance on the eve of Election Day 2008, it wasn’t at Nissan Pavillion/Jiffy Lube– it was actually at the Pr. William Fairgrounds, which I attended with about 80k-100k other people the night before he was elected. This 2008 rally was HUGE, and streets within a 1/2 or more radiating from the Fairgrounds were shut down. Thousands of people parked and walked a mile or more. Could it possibly be that Pr. William doesn’t want the traffic & disruption that accompanied the massive 2008 ralley? You narrowly attribute the venue change to solely Obama’s supposed drop in popularity.
    Second, re: Obama’s 2012 campaign event set for Sept. 21st at the 6k-seat baseball stadium, consider a few things. The event is a grassroots event, not a massive rally with tens of thousands of people standing in a field– your conclusion is foolish given different nature of this event compared to 2008. Also, when we went to pick up our free tickets for the event, there was a huge line of people who had lined up extra early– your conclusion that he isn’t popular enough to fill a larger venue is foolish as the reality is Obama supporters will be turned away.
    Third, if you want to engage in this silly game of who fills what size venue as a necessary and direct correlation soley to popularity, what would you say about Romney’s very small (<2k) rally in Fairfax's Van Dyke Park last week? And this Romney event was in the supposed afterglow weeks of the Republican Convention.
    Fourth, if Obama's popularity is so low, as you assert, why isn't he losing to Romney in more of the polls?! Why does Obama have a slight lead in VA if he's so unpopular as you claim? I know better than to say broadly "he's really, really popular!"– I appreicate that a number of Americans do not like the President. Like fans say at sporting events "….scoreboard!" — the recent polls disprove your assertions above.
    Oppose Obama if you wish, but please stop making foolish and unfounded specualtive leaps of logic.

    1. Thank you for the correction on the Election Eve rally location. I got bad information from the media (surprise.)

      If you were a regular reader of Virtucon, you’d know the answer to your poll question — the only poll that has sampled a partisan breakdown close to the VA average has Romney +5 over Obama in VA. All the other polls, which we do report here, sample the GOP turnout for Nov. to be in the low to mid-20s whereas the lowpoint for them was in 2008 at 33%.

      Obama brought in 85,000 people as a candidate, but will draw roughly 80,000 less as president.

      Face it, the glow is off.

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