Tim Kaine’s union allies ignore jobs, focus on race card in Virginia Senate

This week the “Tim Kaine Betrayed Coal” campaign launched highlighting Kaine’s support for job killing EPA regulations that are costing hard working families in Virginia alone thousands of jobs and threatening an already struggling Southwest Virginia with greater unemployment numbers in a shaky economy.

“If Tim Kaine had his way it [plant] wouldn’t even have been built. He supports lower emissions [standards], and that plant wouldn’t have even been built. He’s betrayed coal. You cannot be a friend of coal and support the policies and politicians who want to bankrupt coal,” Marchi said.

Joe Street, vice president of sales of West River Conveyors and Machinery in Oakwood, Va., and a member of the Coalfield Economic Development Authority, was equally critical.

“We need elected officials who support coal jobs, not support policies that kill those jobs,” Street said. “Tim Kaine supports cap and trade and all other bad ideas Barack Obama has come up with. He wants to reduce the role coal plays in America’s energy future.”

Many of these jobs threatened are union jobs. You’d think labor unions would want to save not only their own members’ jobs but other jobs as well, you know, lobby for labor and the like.


Instead, the AFL-CIO decided to play the race card:

The labor-backed super PAC Workers’ Voice is launching a messaging campaign to brand former Virginia Sen. George Allen — who lost reelection in 2006 after dubbing his opponent’s Indian American tracker “Macaca” — a racist.

Workers’ Voice is putting $54,000 into web ads hitting Allen in Northern Virginia over a range of race-related controversies. One ad says Allen “hung a Confederate flag in his living room,” another that he “voted against MLK Day” and another that he “kept a noose in his law office.” One ad just says “Macaca.”

Remember, this is the same AFL-CIO that unanimously endorsed “friend of labor” Tim Kaine back in January, though Tim Kaine has not put it anywhere on his website.

As Shaun Kenney said over at Bearing Drift, the whole Politico piece reads like a massive shrug: ”OK — we all get it now. Allen is a racist, Republicans are racist, unions love Obama, rewind and hit play…”

“It is disappointing to see that Tim Kaine and his union allies would stoop to this level rather than talk about the very serious issues facing Virginia families and small businesses. George Allen has apologized and forth rightly addresses these old accusations, but when he is on the campaign trail he is hearing from Virginia families and small businesses concerned about skyrocketing fuel cost, burdensome regulations and increased taxes that are bring uncertainty,” said Allen spokeswoman Katie Wright. “It ironic that the very labor unions leveling these attacks are the same ones that Tim Kaine worked so closely with as DNC chairman and stand in direct opposition to the right-to-work laws that give Virginia a crucial economic advantage in encouraging investment and attracting new jobs.”

80% of Americans rate the Economy as VERY IMPORTANT.

Yet labor wants to talk racism?

Tim Kaine needs to call on his labor allies to stop these disgusting attacks. Virginia deserves better then this regurgitated mud from 2006 and before.

This kind of campaign doesn’t create a single job, doesn’t create economic security for a single family, doesn’t even begin to get us on the road toward energy independence.

All it does is appeal to the worst elements and seek to drive a wedge in the electorate.

Tim Kaine claims to be above all of this.

His silence when asked to condemn these attacks is very revealing…


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