Virtucon’s Current Electoral College Map Projections

Here’s where we see the current landscape of the 2012 electoral map using RealClearPolitics “Create Your Own Map” program.  The way I see this race now, Romney is at 244 and Obama is at 201 in the Electoral College. I have not changed any states to “Toss-Up” status here from the most current Real Clear Politics map, but have assigned a few toss-ups where I think they are leaning based upon recent polls (specifically Colorado, Florida, and North Carolina.)That puts Romney just 26 Electoral College votes away from victory.  If you were to give the traditional Democratic states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to Obama, that adds 46 to his total, putting him at 247 and just 23 votes away.  That leaves Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire on the table.  Based upon recent polling (both public and internal), I believe Virginia will ultimately swing towards Romney.  An Ohio victory for Romney would seal the deal, but he could still cobble together a victory by carrying Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire.


4 thoughts on “Virtucon’s Current Electoral College Map Projections

  1. Its a long hard slog (and still 2 more debates). However, things are trending in our favor and that is good to see!

  2. When I looked at the RCP poll, I noticed that Romney’s average was actually rising BEFORE the first debate. Naturally, the debate didn’t hurt things, but I am wondering if other factors are at work.

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