6 thoughts on “Romney Coming To PWC On Sunday!

  1. I didnt know that Jim. I have never seen political activity on school grounds anywhere in the county. I did pay my wife $50 to vote for McGovern when we first voted in PWC. I know it was a felony, but too late for anyone to do anything about it!!!

    • I bet your wife didn’t follow through with it! I know that’s what happened when my neighbor thought he could dictate how she voted. She did as she pleased, and never told him! As I recall, McGovern didn’t quite carry Virginia. He was a good man, just wrong.

    • She turned out to be far to the left of me after she figured out what politics were all about…………i never dictated anything to her LL……..that is why i had to pay her……….and $50 was a lot then!!!

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