Mitt-mentum Continues — Romney Draws 30K For Ohio Rally

Mitt Romney’s rally in Ohio on Friday night was attended by 30,000 supporters.  These are the types of crowds that Obama was getting four years ago and could only dream about getting now.  With numbers like these, you can see where the momentum in this race is.

CNN’s John King reports that Romney is well-positioned to win Ohio and that the intensity and activity at the Romney campaign HQ in the state is “off the charts.”

Meanwhile, President Obama returns to Prince William County tonight on his farewell tour accompanied by Bill Clinton.  Unlike four years ago when his last event in PWC had to be held at the county fairgrounds because it was so massive, this one reverts to the Jiffy Lube Live music center and he needs to bring in the Dave Matthews Band as an opening act in order to draw people.

Then there’s this.  From Michael Barone, the man who literally wrote The Almanac of American Politics — the guy who can rattle off statistics and historical trends not just about counties, but about precincts in key swing states.

Barone: Going out on a limb: Romney beats Obama, handily