Fairfax Democrat Shenanigans

We have Democratic shenanigans at work in trying to set up a legal fight and changing the rules at the last minute.  Poll watchers are there to watch and if necessary they can speak to the Chief Election Officer.  They are not there to advise voters about anything.  Poll workers trying to check in voters don’t need to be inundated with arguments from wannabe lawyer poll watchers.

If Democrats believe that there is significant confusion, then they can set up a table outside the no politicking perimeter and offer all the help that they want to.  They might to also take the opportunity to instruct Democrats on the proper way to show ID at airports, when stopped by law enforcement, and at convenience stores.



One thought on “Fairfax Democrat Shenanigans

  1. I have been living in Prestigious Westwind Forest (the builder took down the “Prestigious” at about the same time i moved in) for over 20 years………..and some f….. took my signs down for the first time ever last night………i think i know who it is since he stared me down this morning……….for several years, signs of both parties have gone up in harmony………but this year is different…………of course, i took his signs down when mine were abruptly stolen. I went to HQ tonight and we only have Kaine signs left……….so those stand in my little world tonight!!!

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