Eleventh Hour Salon Mud – The Left Is Worried

Salon is trying to swing some voters at the eleventh hour for Tim Kaine using half-truths about George Allen.  It’s not surprising since 1) Democrats are worried about Allen’s lead with Independents and 2) Salon doesn’t want to be evicted from the cocktail parties for their coverage of Tim Kaine’s “I’d be open to a federal tax” answer during the McLean debate.

The issue was over how the legislature was addressing Virginia’s state song Carry Me Back To Old Virginny written by popular black composer James Bland who was saddened by the homelessness of freed Blacks in the North.

Salon uses a video, provided by Democrats and not their own research, to imply that George Allen is a racist.  And what are the odds that it came from the Kaine campaign?

The facts are that:

  • Allen acknowledged that by today’s standards, certain lyrics in the song can be considered racially insensitive.
  • Allen supported changing the lyrics, as Governor he signed the legislation that officially retired the song.
  • He did not defend maintaining the status quo.  He did not defend the song as the Salon headline states.
  • The bill’s patron partially agreed with Allen; but there were no recriminations or Salon-like horror leveled at the time.
  • Instead of rewriting history Soviet-style, Allen was requesting that the new version be separately identified and noted that other states have multiple songs.
  • Allen was opposing political correctness, which has infected our political discourse and caused so much division.   Well-meaning people give honest, reasonable views but if the Left doesn’t like it, then they slander their opponents.
  • To this day, Virginia is still considering options to replace the song and no one, including Doug Wilder, who originally raised the issue, has continued to make it an issue; so it must not be that critical.
  • Tim Kaine as governor did not make an issue over it by demanding a replacement song post haste; and he never misses an opportunity to insinuate that his opponents are racist.

If you care about historical integrity, then it is better to preserve each version so future generations can evaluate the contrast for themselves.  Future generations may judge what is racial and what is political differently than we do today.

And maintaining a faithful record to history was the reason for projects like the Virginia Slavery Museum which has had financial problems but which George Allen as governor supported with initial funding.  As senator, Allen also secured funding for historically Black Colleges.

As the article shows, the Left is desperate and continues to divide people into artificial groups that they then pit against each other instead of focusing on what we agree on.  It’s no wonder why half the country is at war with the other half.  Thanks Salon, you really helped to enlighten us today on America’s most pressing issue.  You probably haven’t even read the song’s lyrics or conducted any actual research.  Next time, don’t hide behind innuendo; make your charge and back it up with all the facts in context.

And finally a question for Tim Kaine, where is that positive campaign that you promised us?  Are you going to hide behind Salon and HuffPo on this?

Here are Bland’s  1878 version lyrics.  The reference to darkey’s and Massa, and Missis are from the first person.

Carry me back to old Virginny.
There’s where the cotton and corn and taters grow.
There’s where the birds warble sweet in the spring-time.
There’s where this old darkey’s heart am long’d to go.

There’s where I labored so hard for old Massa,
Day after day in the field of yellow corn;
No place on earth do I love more sincerely
Than old Virginny, the state where I was born.

Carry me back to old Virginny.
There’s where the cotton and the corn and taters grow;
There’s where the birds warble sweet in the spring-time.
There’s where this old darkey’s heart am long’d to go.

Carry me back to old Virginny,
There let me live till I wither and decay.
Long by the old Dismal Swamp have I wandered,
There’s where this old darkey’s life will pass away.

Massa and Missis have long since gone before me,
Soon we will meet on that bright and golden shore.
There we’ll be happy and free from all sorrow,
There’s where we’ll meet and we’ll never part no more.

Carry me back to old Virginny.
There’s where the cotton and the corn and taters grow;
There’s where the birds warble sweet in the spring-time.
There’s where this old darkey’s heart am long’d to go.

If you consider all the lyrics, title, and melody, Bland is saying that things were so bad that he wants to be taken back to Virginia to die – not as an endorsement of slavery and cruelty that was experienced there – either because he still loved the state or it helped illustrate how bad conditions were in the North.

There’s obviously different points of view, so take a listen:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUmI-PfF-8k


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  1. Kaine is an empty suit and an Obama puppet. George Allen’s got guts. We need a voice for Virginia in the Senate, not another voice for Obama.


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