WashPo Ombudsman — Post Has Never Endorsed GOPer for Prez, VA Gov.

On the page before today’s WashPo editorial claiming that Mitt Romney’s campaign is an insult to voters (seriously), their ombudsman addressed readers’ complaints about their endorsements being more left than right of center.

The Post began regularly endorsing candidates for president in 1976, with Jimmy Carter. The Post editorial board hasn’t endorsed a Republican for the Oval Office since, although The Post did sit out the 1988 election between George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis, not endorsing either man.

My assistant and I reviewed Post endorsements going back to 1976 and found that in the vast majority of elections — federal, state, or local — The Post generally endorses Democrats.

. . .

The Post has endorsed no Republican for governor in Virginia going back as far as 1977.

Yet the ombudsman hangs his hat on a handful of GOP squish endorsements and backing GOPers in inconsequential races to refute the charges the paper has become nothing more than the print arm of the Democratic Party.  Sorry, that dog doesn’t hunt.  It is especially telling that on the Sunday before Election Day their editorial is aimed at Romney with such an insane headline rather than making the case for another four years for their chosen candidate based upon either his past performance or his detailed plans for the future.  Since the mighty have fallen so far, we are unveiling here the new official logo for the Washington Post.


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