Obama Campaign Ground Game In Crisis Mode

I’ve been sitting on a few stories since last week about the sad state of the Obama campaign’s ground game in Virginia and thought this was a good time to let a few loose.

Here’s the latest in the string of absurdities.  Following is a message sent to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s staffer Matt Lira from the Obama campaign:

First of all, is this really “cool”?  If that’s what passes for cool these days, then Obama has overseen the true lame-ification of our nation.

Now, let’s look closely at this.  That’s right, the Obama campaign is asking to help get Eric Cantor out to vote.  This is right up there with our other news.  The Obama campaign contacted the residence of Del. Scott Lingamfelter — GOP member of the Virginia House of Delegates and a 2013 candidate for Lt. Governor — a week ago to see if his daughter (who hasn’t lived there in years and who has never voted for a Democrat) wanted to volunteer on Election Day for the campaign. That alone shows just how far the Obama campaign has fallen — they are now cold calling homes where they think young people live in order to try and get volunteers to cover polling places.

Lastly, drive by any Obama HQ in Virginia and the preponderance of vehicles have out of state plates from Illinois, Massachusetts, etc.  Put all this together and what do you get?  The Obama campaign’s much vaunted ground game in Virginia doesn’t have a Virginia flavor to it at all.

Better get that razor sharpened, Axelrod.  Your mustache is coming off…

Oh, and before I forget —

Springsteen and John Kerry on this date in 2004 in Madison, WI — 75,000
Springsteen and Barack Obama on this date in 2012 in Madison, WI — 18,000


2 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Ground Game In Crisis Mode

  1. Two of my children have moved out over 5 years ago………….one is out by 19 years……….she hase gotten calls from Romney people……and both get tons of that wasteful junk mail……..I received a call thst was right on point today: “Hello Ken, this is Mitt Romney calling”……..i saved that one………………..you know they are spending millions on robo calls……………but picking the first name out ……maybe it really was him……..hmmmmmmm

  2. I think you failed to see the point of that “cool” site from the Obama campaign.

    That’s intended to be a tool for voter fraud.

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