Vote for George Allen!

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We cannot forget about the heavy burden we as constituents share in electing the right legislators for our commonwealth and our nation, and electing George Allen to the US Senate is the right choice.

While the presidential campaign continues to receive its perpetual coverage, we must remember that good governance begins with a good congress.

In these divisive times, we long for the right ideas to prevail; and we reject those who refuse to work with good ideas that come from a different party.

The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has called it “laughable” and a “fantasy” that senate Democrats will work with a Romney administration. This sort of partisanship may be an effective tactic for building a provocative caucus in Washington, but it is hardly a winning strategy for building a prosperous country.

We need representatives in the senate who understand that divisive politics must be subordinate to sound policy. George Allen has been recognized as “one of Virginia’s most successful modern governors,”* despite having entered his term with both houses of the General Assembly being controlled by the opposing party.

What we don’t need are senators who will place their ambitions and loyalty to party above their amity and loyalty to their constituents.

So when you vote tomorrow, remember that a Romney administration needs senate leadership that is willing to help solve America’s problems, not a senate that laughs at bipartisan solutions.

If Majority Leader Harry Reid refuses to work with a President Romney, then let’s make sure he’s Minority Leader and deliver George Allen to the U.S Senate!


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