Who has the momentum in Virginia?

The final “intimate” Biden/Kaine rally of 1,200 in Richmond?

Or the final Romney/Allen rally with over 10,000 people in Fairfax?

And that’s just what they could fit inside!

Mitt Romney and George Allen went into the People’s Democratic Republic of Northern Virginia and had as many people waiting outside the Patriot Center as they could fit inside.

Joe Biden and Tim Kaine go to Kaine’s hometown and barely break 1,000 people.

Who’s got the momentum?

Let the pictures do the talking.


3 thoughts on “Who has the momentum in Virginia?

  1. Good grief! Evaluating “momentum” by comparing attendance at a Romney-Allen event in NoVa vs. a Biden-Kaine event in Richmond? How can you pretend that has any plausible probative value of which candiate has “momentum”?!?!?!?! Really, Mr. Thor’s Hammer, you undermine your credibility by posting these words.

    I was at the Obama-Clinton-Kaine rally this past Sat. night at Kiffy Lube Live (Nissan Pavillion) in Prince William. Capacity there is 25k (10k seats, 15k lawn), and it fairly close to capacity. But I’d be an idiot to compare that to a Romney event as my persuasive foundation for any “Obama momentum” argument. Different events, venues, time of day, day of week, accessability, security screening, tickets required or not, lenght of event, line-up of speakers, etc… apples & oranges.

    I guess the choices for your blog post were (1) comparing appels to oranges for rally sizes, or esle (2) defending the latest Rasmussen Report poll as right while a dozen others are wrong. At least Virtucon’s ‘flawed poll under-reported Repub’s’ argument has some ring of sense to it- I don’t necessarily agree with it, but it provoked thought. Your ‘rally size proves momentum’ post is just plain silly.

  2. Ok, how’s this comparison? Biden came to NOVA (Sterling) with Tim Kaine, and Senator Mark Warner. Mrs. Biden also came. The turnout was 800. Yes, 800, compared to over 10,000 at the Romney-Allen event, with even more people waiting to get in. http://twitchy.com/2012/11/05/biden-flops-again-one-day-left-draws-crowd-of-800-in-va/ Romney and Allen did it without a rock star, and in the middle of a work day, not a Saturday night with a free Dave Matthews concert and the other democrat rock star, Bill Clinton.

  3. To quote The Gipper, “there you go again…..”

    Obama in 2008 by himself brought out 80k-100k people to the Prince William Fairgrounds onthe even of the 2008 Election. There! I win. I can name a rally where more Dem supported came out.

    This is silly. Stop these apples and oranges comparisons. Since I fear you won’t stop, let’s compare: V-P rallys (especially in middle of workday) tend to be small. Romney is the Repub headliner, appearing at a huge college venue- of course the headliner draws the crowds. For Pete’s sake, at least compare Obama rallys to Romney rallys! Really, the pollsters and political think tanks really need to take a serious look at this scientific method of quantifyig “momentum” that you folks have discovered.

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