African-American Unemployment up 12.5% since Obama took office

One of the rather desperate arguments of some supporters of the president is that no African-American should even consider voting against him. I can understand the appeal to ethnic pride, but facts are stubborn things. Such as…

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, African-American unemployment was 12.7% in January of 2009 – and it is 14.3% now – an increase of 1.6 percentage points, or 12.5%.

I’d say that’s reason enough.

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3 thoughts on “African-American Unemployment up 12.5% since Obama took office

  1. We really shouldn’t be voting along ethnic grounds; also we should not base our decisions on one number……………people do, but intellectually, you do know that much more should go into one’s analysis. i’m Irish Catholic and would NEVER vote for Ryan for any reason………….

  2. Today’s unemployment has everything to do with training. People with college degrees have an unemployment rate of 4.5%. High school diploma – 8%; high school drop-out – 12%. There are enough OPEN positions in the country now that it would lower the unemployment rate by 2% if we had qualified talent to fill them. Hell there are 300,000 truck driving jobs open RIGHT NOW, but not enough licensed drivers to fill the positions. Our workforce needs better trained citizens not more jobs.

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