Obama Wins; America Sets Course For A Lost Decade

FOX News now projects President Obama to have over the 270 electoral votes he needs to win a second term.

America has set course for its own lost decade economically.  Welcome to the new Japan.

14 thoughts on “Obama Wins; America Sets Course For A Lost Decade

  1. Lost decade? This will be felt far longer than a decade. The deficit will crush our children’s future, as will ever higher taxes to pay for all the entitlements. The boomers are the most selfish generation ever and we’re going to dump it all on the backs of our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren………….

  2. Lost Decade – we have been living through lost decades. We have had bipartisan support for debt and deficit spending since 1980 –

  3. People- Yes, you with Romneysia – remember John McCain suspende his campaign ad went back to Washington to try to straighten out all the economic problems DURING the 2008 campaign? Remember Wall Street nearly collapsed? Remember, the Dow Jones Averags were around 7,000 – many trillions of dollars BELOW what it is now………THAT WAS THE LOST DECADE. OBAMA PULLED US OUT OF THAT. WE ARE STILL RECOVERING…..BUT WAY BETTER OFF THAN THOSE DAYS!!!

  4. My gosh. II’ve never heard such whining about doom and gloom, or gloom and doom. Where’s your “can do” spirit? Americans don’t roll over and play dead, when something doesn’t go their way. Don’t you have any spunk in you?
    Scaredy cats, that’s what you are?
    And scare mongerers too boot!

    • The “Can do!” spirit still exists. But there’s a “Why do?” spirit taking hold (as in why should we do something if the fruits of our efforts are going to be redistributed to those who can but won’t do anything for themselves.)


  5. You have NO reason to believe that such a thing wilkl happen. And if it does, it’ll be because of people with you attitude = no hope. Roll over… Besides, if you have a lot of fruit on your trees, you share the crop, don’t you? Of course, as the owner of the trees, you can also let the fruit fall and rot.
    Money is like manure; no good unless you spread it around to make things grow. (old adage)

  6. One reason it is down is that Wall St. does not like Barry, even though his presence in the White House was a reason for the Dow going from 7,000 to 13,000. There likely was some bad earnings news for some corporations……….in any event, it likely will go back up soon……..

  7. Also CRYBABIES, you may recall from your history books that progressive income taxation legislation was enacted in 1918………….to pay for WWI and we have had progressive tax levels ever since. What most or all of you are sobbing hysterically about is that taxpayers with incomes over $250,000 or some similar amount will need to pay a little more. Now i know how badly people who voted for Romney wanted to protect the “rich” and and now following Rush’es “logic”, you wont hurt that bad. Keep on crying though and you will get over it some day!!

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