The Fauxsterity Chronicles: The Netherlands

The Dutch Liberals have agreed to start their nation’s own Fauxsterity file – agreeing to a tax increase they promised not to impose in elections two months ago. Here are the gory details from the AP (emphasis added):

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he and Labor leader Diederik Samsom agreed Monday to a policy blueprint for their new coalition, an announcement that came after weeks of closed-door talks aimed at bridging their parties’ ideological gulf.

The policy platform made clear that the Dutch will remain strong supporters of the European Union.

“Europe is of great importance for our peace, security and prosperity,” the 81-page document said.

Rutte said his party had made “an important concession” to Labor by agreeing to cut tax relief on the mortgages of the wealthy. Rutte’s VVD had long pledged not to lower mortgage relief, including at the September elections.

So we have a tax increase and a broken promise…all in the cause of “Europe” (or, to be precise, Brusells, who’s Eurocracy was insisting on this sort of nonsense). Forget accountability, economic growth, or true government efficiency.

While they were at it, the Liberals tarnished their reputation as small-government folks on the lifestyle front, too: “The new coalition also pledged to lift the age at which Dutch youths can buy alcohol from 16 to 18 years.”

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