FBI investigating Petraeus and girlfriend for months

UPDATE: The girlfriend of General Petraeus  is Paula Broadwell, a journalist who wrote a book about Petraeus.

According to this article, the FBI has been investigating General Petraeus and his girlfriend for months.   How nice of him to help Obama by waiting until after the election to resign.  Just in time to avoid testifying!  Just a coincidence, right?

So who was/is the girlfriend?   According to the article, she’s a journalist who was writing about him.  It shouldn’t be there hard to figure how who she is.  Stay tuned, there’s more to this story!


12 thoughts on “FBI investigating Petraeus and girlfriend for months

  1. Thank you! Obviously I was in a hurry when I wrote that! Interestingly it has still drawn thousands of hits!

  2. I wonder what federal crime Petraeus was suspected of committing such to warrant an FBI investigation. Adultery isn’t a federal or state crime in any jurisdiction in the DC metro area.

    1. I keep looking for why the FBI was investigating in the beginning. No one will say. Or I haven’t found it yet. More recently the FBI was investigating the girlfriend because they thought she might have broken into his emails, a breach of security.

    1. Greg: As I mentioned in another post on this subject, the General, although retired, is still subject to the legal provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the code of military law applicable to active duty and certain inactive or retired members of the Armed Forces. Specifically, the General is subject to the UCMJ because he retired from a regular component (the Army) and is receiving retirement pay from that component. While adultery committed by a “civilian” may not be a crime under State or Federal law, it is a crime under the UCMJ. Therefore the Army could court-martial him for committing adultery while on active duty and even during his retirement from the Army. But that is not likely to happen (anyway, the FBI was not specifically investigating the General for adultery in the first place).

  3. In the military, high ranking officers are expected not to engage in any activity that will leave them open to blackmail. You are in the DC area, people that work at NSA, CIA, and top military are always under the scrutiny of the FBI. He actually did not need to resign, he choose to as he still has that military mind set. He still has to testify, but I think he was kind of a jerk, as he could have kept his job and this would not have come out to upset his wife. Instead, by resigning he ensures it all comes out. Also, the emails he sent the journalist (married with 2 children) might be what he is more worried about. We don’t know what was in them, but they were the tip off to the FBI. Anyone with any important job in DC knows they are being watched. It’s the way it should be and has been.

  4. Put aside the Benghazi timeline for a moment, focus on the Petraeus timeline. Forget calling Petraeus to tesify, call Robert Mueller to testify on the Petraeus timeline. Either way Mueller comes down on timeline, it raises serious questions concerning the Administration’s conduct and competence. Did they nominate a CIA Director with this kind of baggage without knowing about it? Did they know about it and nominate him anyway? Did Mueller inform any member of his Congressional oversight committee that they were investigating the Director of the CIA, or did he inform any other members of the administration, Holder, WH? And if he didn’t, why not? These questions all have to be answered before relevancy, if any, to Benghazi Timeline.

    1. There are far more important issues than investigating this timeline or even Benghazi. Our economy is in slow motion, the fiscal cliff is at hand, the Middle East is in turmoil and all you right wing zealots can think about is how to agitate minor issues. The country does not benefit from this laser like focus on the trivial. The election is over and God knows we have all spent enough time on trivialities. It is time to look at the big issues and move this country forward.

  5. Knowing whether your commander in chief will leave his troops, his folks to die while he has more important things to do like keep his job is not a trival for those serving. And knowing how the FBI is being used or not used in interagency investigations is not a trival matter. In the words of that great American President, Richard Nixon, we have the right to know whether our president is a crook or not.

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