General David Petraeus resigns and will not testify on Benghazi Coverup!

UPDATE:   Petraeus will NOT be testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee next week as had been scheduled.   Story here.

After admitting to an extramarital affair, General Patraeus has resigned as Director of CIA.  More here.    I have to wonder if there’s something more to this, something more like the Benghazi cover up.  Time, and investigations, will tell.

More here and here.   What a dope to have thrown away his life and his future this way.   His kids were so proud of him, now that’s all gone.  Now any thought of a career after this is gone.  His marriage may well be gone too.

Who would ever have thought that General David Petraeus would turn out to be no better than sleazy John Edwards?

The question remains, why confess this now and resign?   There’s more to come with this story.

UPDATE:  General Petraeus was scheduled to testify next week on what happened in Benghazi.   After his resignation it was announced that he will not testify.   He has maintained that neither he nor the CIA refused to help the Navy Seals.  



15 thoughts on “General David Petraeus resigns and will not testify on Benghazi Coverup!

    1. Would that really be a concern that would prompt his resignation? I can see how such information might be compromising to him, but certainly not of career-ending importance.

      With the announcement that he will not testify about incidents related to Benghazi, it seems more likely that his resignation was prompted and motivated by this instead. One is left merely to wonder, as it’s likely that the world may never know.

    2. I think that we will eventually know. The administration may well have decided to throw Petraeus under the bus and let him take the fall for the whole thing.

  1. It’s an absolute outrage and slap in the face to the Americans who died that he does not have to testify on Benghazi!! This is just too much!

    1. I completely agree MsLuna! I have no idea why General Petraeus is falling on his sword for Obama. It’s stunning.

  2. Petraeus isn’t falling on his sword for Obama. He is simply a whore. God bless the USMC. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CORPS.

  3. How do we know Petraeus is “falling on his sword for Obama”? That doesn’t make a bit of sense, does it? Why wouldn’t Petraeus testify on Benghazi whether or not he has resigned. If Congress wants to hear from him, he’ll have to testify. Why isn’t this just a story about an indiscretion by a high government official? If the FBI is investigating, there may have been a security issue, but, on the surface, it sounds like another “hiking the Appalachian Trail”, middle-aged man hubris story.

  4. “another “hiking the Appalachian Trail”, middle-aged man hubris story”

    Not quite. For both individuals it was a narcissistic pursuit of power and money, the sex was incidental, they might as well have been making love to themselves.
    She was a vehicle for him to pursue his self glorification as a brilliant military leader, who might someday have to ride in and save the country.
    He was a vehicle for her to rise to the top of punditry, talking head expert, who also might entertain appointed or elected office someday.

    Who knows someday she could have been Sec of Defense in a Petraeus’ administration.

    What a great day for women in the work place – still the secretary, still working under a man.

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