Pictures of General Petraeus girlfriend Paula Broadwell, by popular demand

While not quite as popular as Crystal Ball’s Christmas party pictures, there seems to be a demand for pictures of  General Petraeus’ girlfriend, so here ya go.   Paula Broadwell, and no, that is not a fake name, bless her heart:

Paula with General Petraeus:


95 thoughts on “Pictures of General Petraeus girlfriend Paula Broadwell, by popular demand

    1. David is an ASS and Paula is a WHORE for doing this to their families!
      Wonder if more men and women will come out of the closet to tell about their times with these two?

    2. Why don’t you hypocrits stop being so sanctimonious.This is a private affair that has nothing to do with the government or the public sector. Stay out of his business & let him do the wonderful job he’s been .There is not one man in government that have not had a mistress. Whatelse is new?doing.

  1. Yes, I can most definitely blame Petraeus because it’s wrong and because he just threw away his future, his honor, and the respect of the country. I feel very bad for his wife and his kids. How embarrassing for them! Their Dad was a hero, and now look at him. He should have thought about them before he did this.

    1. The sin lies on both thier shoulders …oh the temptress does not exist ?she knew what she was doing and removed a man from his post because it is God’s will to do so . sincerely Kenneth Lovette

    1. Although the General is “retired” from active Army service, he is still on “inactive reserve status”, so yes he is still in the Army. As such, he is still subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Adultery is a crime under the UCMJ. So, the Army could court martial him if they wanted, but that won’t happen.

  2. Mrs. Broadwell is certainly an accomplished woman. I feel sorry for her husband and kids too. It’s getting crowded under that bus that Obama threw them under to save his skin.

    1. Lovettsville “Lady”: What are you talking about? Obama threw them under the bus??? Do you just make up stuff as you go along? Please elaborate on how this saved President Obama’s skin. There are two people to blame here, and our president is not one of them.

    2. Petraeus resigned so that he didn’t have to testify about what happened in Benghazi. He waited until after the election so no criticism would hit the President. Without Petraeus testimony they won’t be able to prove anything. People have known about Petraeus’ girlfriend for months. Why resign now, using that as an excuse? Why do it a few days before he’s supposed to testify? Connect the dots. The picture will be come quite clear.

    3. How do you think this is going to stop Petraeus from talking to Congress? You do realize they can subpoena him and the Republicans can do that in the house. This is just as dumb as saying Obama intentionally lied about Benghazi because you know that there weren’t any Republicans who were going to find out that he was lying in the several weeks that were still left till the election.

    4. As a private citizen, Petraeus doesn’t have to answer any of the questions from Congress. He can lawyer up and refuse to answer anything. That’s why they won’t subpoena him. And that’s why he resigned 5 days before he was to testify.

  3. Basically we are all sinners and whores or have been at some point. It is also a sin to think you are better than someone else just because they are” human”.

  4. This very sad. General Petraeus is one of most ablest and gifted army leaders. Paula Broadwell is also a gifted and accomplished woman. Given their background I am sure it must have been something that just happened. I am very sorry it happened and that all turn out well in the end.

    1. At the expensive of their families? What about the General’s kids, and the mistresses’ kids? How would feel if your parent/spouse had done that and embarrassed you in front of the whole world?

  5. YOU WANT THE TRUTH – you can’t handle the truth ! Mrs. Paula such a higher standard – don’t buy her trashy book! where is all that morality and yes sir no sir stuff – higher standards !

  6. Historically,great man have fallen do to weakness,It is very easy to judge when you are in the other side of the fence, Indeed he did a bad omen,but a man like him with years of maybe living a clean life thought,ho well a little fun will not hurt nobody. Wrong it hurt the family. That is life?

    thught thughtsaid tothught did not think thughtand

    1. She didn’t hack into his computer. The FBI thought that might be the case when they stumbled upon some suggestive emails. It was then that they discovered the affair. But who sent the FBI to investigate Petraeus? Was it the White House who told them to find something on Petraeus? No one knows, yet. We need Woodward and Bernstein to investigate this!

    1. That’s explains the title “All In” :o) Blame goes to those that did what they did. The why question is for them to answer.

  7. This is a matter between the spouses and not the online or even the Northern Virginia community to judge.

    It is clear that the head of the CIA should not be involved in this kind of publicity. The integrity (if any) of the institution of the CIA is compromised.

    The real story has not yet come out. Nor is it clear that anyone should waste any time worrying about it.

    Petraeus resigned, the Big O accepted now it is time for everyone to move on.

    1. We shouldn’t waste time trying to learn why 4 Americans died in Benghazi and whether the President is trying to cover it up? I’m sure you know that the timing of this resignation is rather suspicious.

  8. Very sad …. The General has served the country well. He perhaps should have declined the CIA position knowing his affair would be unacceptable in that position. A crushing blow to both families as well… My sympathies to them.

  9. The (retired) General was getting ready to embarrass the dictator’s regime under oath and explain how the Obama administration failed to take care of its own in Benghazi. UNDER THE BUS you go!

  10. LL posits that the General used the affair as an excuse to resign because of something related to Benghazi. Wouldn’t it have been a little less wear and tear just to resign?

    1. Yes but what would his reason be? It can’t look like Petraeus simply resigned to avoid testifying. It had to be a pretty big reason. Right? Since this affair was about to come out anyway, why not use it as an excuse to get out testifying and having to implicate the President in the coverup?

  11. I keep reading this right wing nut’s comments connecting Benghazi and the General’s resignation. It sad to see how right wings defeated rationale reasoning and embraced polemics, making stuff up and outliers. It reminds me of communism regimes around the world in the 1950s. The General’s affair should be regarded as personal and hurtful for their families. Anyway, to my compatriots right wings, I tell you to mind your business.

  12. KO KO, if that was all true, why did the General wait until after the election and just days before his testimony was to begin?

  13. LL – If you’re DCI, a decorated general with a great sense of history, duty, and responsibility to your country, and you know you’ve made a mess of things in your personal life, why wouldn’t you wait until after the election to resign? Seems pretty reasonable and responsible to me.

    1. Why not resign last summer, or even in the Spring? Why wait until after the election unless the President asked you to do that, so that he wouldn’t suffer anything negative prior to the election? Why did Petraeus wait when this affair has been known about for a year?

  14. Ko Ko Ko shut the F up about “right wingers” the left is destroying America so that includes you, moron. Obama through this guy away to save his narcassistic, lying, incompetent, affirmative action ass.

    1. Good point Doug. Adultry is punishable under the UCMJ as is Coduct Unbecoming of An Officer. He knew right from wrong and made his own decision.

    1. She is quite attractive. When you are married to the same person for 36yrs or more sure the novelty wears off, but that doesn’t mean he does love his wife; just tired of the same old thing.

  15. I meant to say just because he’s having an affair it doesn’t mean he does not love his wife. He’s just tired of the same ole thing & might not be getting anything from his wife. His girlfriend is quite attractive.

    1. Yeah, he just doesn’t respect his wife, or care what this might do to her and their kids. Nor does he care what it will do his career. But thanks for supporting all the excuses that sleazy men use as an excuse for their bad behavior. Some of us thought General Petraeus was better than that.

    2. I will give Mr. Patraeus this:We didn’t have to listen to a litany of denials like we did with some other high echelon. He is going to take some additional huge lumps as time goes on as consequence. Moreover and worse, his family suffers. He did an arrogant and hurtful thing. Mrs. Broadwell has dragged her husband’s good name through terrible mud. As her reward for her extravagant ambition, she will become a buzzword…she boiled bunnies on the stoves of three households. How pathetic that what she had earned thusfar through merit was insufficient for her ego. History tells us that (fair or not) men rehabilitate from such downfalls in better shape than women do. Or maybe women are just more invisible? As far as the development of this revelation and the timing of the publicity: Who among you would smell wires burning, check around your home haphazardly, find nothing, shrug your shoulders, and go to bed? If Broadwell, a terrorism expert bumping uglies with the CIA director, brings up something about Libyan prisoners in Denver in October…cough..cough…hand BOTH of those experts a Bible and let’s get this show on the road. Not about “was it good for you?” bad was this for US? Let’s then smell the MSM wires burning..who’s yer daddy.

    3. VERY well said Joyce. If you don’t blog, you should. I completely agree with you, let’s get the hands on the bibles and get the show on the road!

  16. In civilian life, it’s a private matter. In the military, adultery is a chargeable offense, and the head of the CIA, it can be a serious liability, i.e. blackmail potential.

    1. And so is murders, rapes, suicides, war, bullying, burglary, poverty, and other evils… but saying it can’t be changed sounds like giving up and just let things get worse. You would not probably be saying that if America did get in danger. Another September 11, would happen if people think like you. Well, probably we could change that either.

    2. And so is murders, rapes, suicides, war, bullying, burglary, poverty, and other evils… but saying it can’t be changed sounds like giving up and just let things get worse. You would not probably be saying that if America did get in danger. Another September 11, would happen if people think like you. Well, probably we could not change that either.

  17. LL,
    From Charlotte Observer:

    Broadwell met Petraeus in 2006 when he spoke at Harvard, where she was a graduate student. When she told him about her research interests, he offered his help. “He really cares about mentoring,” she told the Observer in January.

    Later, with Petraeus’ cooperation, she began a doctoral dissertation that included a case study of his leadership, which she parlayed into the book. Now, she’s finishing the doctorate, with Petraeus as one of her dissertation advisers

    Read more here:

  18. LL,

    She was not in his immediate chain of command, but she was a Westpointer and a reserve officer in the Army.

    “Broadwell, who was promoted to lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve last summer, ..”

  19. Wasn’t it Eve who coaxed Adam into biting the apple. And, of course the FBI had no role in this, including the timimg of discovering the emails.

  20. “Wasn’t it Eve who coaxed Adam into biting the apple.” Yeah well they both got tossed out of the garden. Adam simply forgot the golden rule – when a woman tells you to go left, go right.

  21. that marriage was 37 y old. Those married didnt have sex for last 15 y. After 20 y marriage is done for both parties. They need break, Holy got job with Obama admi and general got interested in that one who wrote his biography… Holy and general doesnt have to divorce, they are mature people. General is lonely in intimacy department a lot. I dont think that Holy was skillful lover and general wasnt either. So younger woman came and show him this and that..he felt like a man again. Holy is mature and she should find intimate lover for herself, no..? she will not feel humiliate

  22. I feel very sorry for Holly Petraeus. What an embarassing and hurtful thing to do to your spouse & family. He and that woman deserve each other!

  23. The condemnations of the General are great examples of Liberal hypocrisy and Conservative idiosy. The world laughs at the USA for our naivete.

  24. Petraeus plays with Paula
    Paula plays with Scott
    Petraeus plays with Jill
    And Holly gets a chill
    Games without frontiers – war without tears..
    If looks could kill, they probably will
    in games without frontiers-war without tears!…….
    P G.

  25. I had consensual paid sex with Ms. Broadwell in the summer of ’98. I hit it but it wasn’t that good, and I don’t remember who wrote the check. I sang Roy Orbison tunes to her while she hummed the Marine Corps Hymn. Is Charles Krauthammer still seeing new patients ?

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