General Petraeus’ other girlfriend? Pictures of Jill Kelley

The story continues!

Today we learned that the FBI was investigating General Petraeus because his mistress, Paula Broadwell, sent threatening emails to a woman who worked with General Petraeus, Jill Kelley.   In an interview with Fox News on Sunday Senator Dianne Feinstein, chairman Senate Select Committee on Intelligence,  called the General’s relationship with Kelley as ‘close’.   Mrs.  Kelley is described here as “the State Department’s liaison to the military’s Joint Special Operations Command”.   Other sources say that is an unpaid, position that requires a security clearance.

Mrs. Kelley is married to Dr. Scott Kelly an esophageal oncologist in Tampa, Florida, where the General also resides.    It is unclear if their relationship was more than one of friends.  However, Paula Broadwell thought the relationship was more, which lead her to send threatening emails to Mrs. Kelley telling her to ‘stay away’ from the General.  Mrs. Kelley felt so threatened by Mrs. Broadwell that she contacted the FBI.  While investigating the threatening emails, the FBI uncovered General Petraeus’ affair with Mrs. Broadwell.

Earlier today Senator Feinstein said that the FBI is supposed to notify her, and other members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, when they discover a possible breach of security like this one.  She was not notified and first learned of it when news sources covered the story on Friday.   The news  hit her ‘like a lightening bolt’.  She was not happy that she had not previously been notified by the FBI.  That will also be investigated by her committee.  Senators and Congressmen hate to blindsided by a story!  Feinstein is no exception.

Left to right, the General’s wife, Holly Petraeus, Scott Kelley, and Jill Kelley.

Left to right,  Natalie Khawan (twin sister of Jill Kelley), General Petraeus,  Dr. Scott Kelley, Jill Kelley, and Holly Petraeus.

Holly Petraeus,  Dr. Scott Kelley and Jill Kelley.  Jill is 37 and has great teeth.

Dr. Scott Kelley and his wife, Jill Kelley.  They live in a beautiful, water front home in Tampa, valued at $1.7 million.


10 thoughts on “General Petraeus’ other girlfriend? Pictures of Jill Kelley

  1. Such beautiful women!
    Were the general’s stars the magnet? What on earth could it be?
    Personal magnetism?
    (Jill certainly goes for short skirts)

  2. Power is attractive to many women. Paula Broadwell was in the military, Petraeus was the pinnacle in her field. Paula Broadwell went crazy, threatened Jill Kelley. Mrs. Broadwell isn’t the first woman to throw her life away over a man. Remember the astronaut who drove from Texas to Florida in diapers to confront her rival?

  3. Why does every article I see on this say that this woman is not believed to have been having an affair with Petraeus? None of the articles you link to make that accusation, either. Help me out here…

    1. Why do some people think that Kelley might have been having an affair with Petraeus? Women’s intuition? Why did Paula Broadwell feel so threatened by Jill Kelley? Why did Senator Feinstein describe their relationship as ‘close’? Because if he’ll do it with you, he’ll do it to you? For every rat you see, there’s 40 more that you don’t see. I don’t think Paula was the General’s first social liaison (so to speak). Do we have proof positive of that? No. Not yet. Ask some of your women friends what they think about the ‘close’ relationship between the General and Jill Kelley.

  4. So you don’t have a reason to think it. Or is this, as you said on Facebook, still trying to stay internet famous?

  5. Thanks for the kind words A.G. My facebook post was a joke. duh. But not to worry, I’m sure your 15 minutes of fame will be right along, any minute.

    1. And her twin does the same head tilt. It’s like the hand on the hip thing that all the young women do in pictures.

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