Eric Cantor knew about the Petraeus affair in October, Eric Holder knew even earlier

The saga continues……….

According to this story, Majority leader Congressman Eric Cantor knew of the Petraeus affair back in October.  News sources say that Cantor was contacted by a whistleblower at the FBI informing the Congressman that there was an investigation into the Petraeus affair.   Congressman Cantor contacted Robert Mueller, Director of the FBI to inform him of the investigation.  My question, wouldn’t the FBI already have known if the FBI was conducting the investigation?

So much of this story doesn’t yet make sense.

UPDATE:  I just learned that Mueller had kicked it upstairs to Attorney General Eric Holder in August.  Mueller informed Holder that there may be a security problem with the Petraeus affair.   Holder chose to keep it a secret until election day.  Why am I NOT surprised?!

More later tonight.