The Real Housewives of West Point or Generals who are lead by their privates

Today we  learned that  Leon Panetta has asked the Pentagon’s Inspector General to look into the 20,000 to 30,000 pages of emails sent by Marine General John Allen to the woman with the severely tilted head, General Petraues ‘friend’, Jill Kelley.   The FBI had contacted the Pentagon about the investigation on Sunday. More details here.  General Allen succeeded General Petraeus as the top Allied Commander in Afganistan.  He was also Petraeus’ top aide when both were stationed in Tampa, where Jill Kelley lives with her oncologist husband and who now appears to have many close male friends who send her thousands of emails.

Since this story grows more complicated by the minute, has provided us with a handy cast of characters for the latest episodes:

>>>David Petraeus, the 60-year-old heretofore hero general of the Iraq and Afghan wars, who was named last year to direct the Central Intelligence Agency. (He graduated in the top 5% of his 1974 class at West Point. )

Holly Petraeus, his wife of four decades whose longtime mission was helping military families separated by deployments.  ( Mrs. Petraeus is said to be ”beyond furious“.  Ya think?  Her father,  William Knowlton, was the head honcho of West Point when she met David Petraeus. )

Paula Broadwell, an ambitious woman with a husband and two children who’d never written a book but convinced Petraeus she could do the job, if she could hang around with him in a war zone for much of a year researching her book titled, “All In.”  ( I won’t even comment on the title.   Broadwell graduated from West Point in 1995.

Jill Kelley, a 37-year-old wealthy, married socialite in Tampa who made herself useful as an unpaid social coordinator for the military brass there of Central Command, which Petraeus headed before Obama demoted him to return to Afghanistan as NATO commander.  (No known ties to West Point other than perhaps West Point groupie.)

Marine Gen. John Allen, who was also assigned to Central Command and succeeded Petraeus 16 months ago as commander in Afghanistan. He has since been named top commander of NATO in Europe, but that ticket will likely now be canceled.  (Allen is a 1976 of the Naval Academy. )

The mess began to unravel in May when Kelley naively told the FBI she had received email threats from someone. The FBI traced these communications back to the laptop of Broadwell, who apparently thought the married Kelley was moving in on the married Petraeus to compete with the married Broadwell. <<<

Got it?  I will try to keep readers informed when new cast members are added to the ever growing scandal.