FBI raids Paula Broadwell’s home for evidence

On Monday night at least 4 FBI agents raided the Charlotte NC  home of General Petraeus’ mistress, Paula Broadwell.   Some reports say a dozen agents entered the home to search for possible classified information.  The family was not in the home when the agents entered.  More here and here and here.


4 thoughts on “FBI raids Paula Broadwell’s home for evidence

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  2. November 26 – Update: Paula Broadwell has now retained both an Attorney and a Public Relations firm in Washington DC. So far, she is the only member in the entire cast of characters in the David Petraeus Sex Scandal to do so. Her need for an Attorney is obvious .. she’s facing some potentially very serious charges, both military and civilian. But a PR expert? It is reported she has hopes of reviving her career. And just what career might that be? … Consultant to Terrorists, Fiction Writer, Con Man, or Escort (Outcall Only). The more we learn about her, the less qualified she appears to be for any other line of work. Someone really needs to evaluate the curriculum for graduation from West Point.

    Thus far, the only characters in the play to make public statements are Petraeus and Natalie Khawam, the sister of Jill Kelley. There has been nothing from either Paula or her husband Scott or their “hired mouth.” And they are conspicuous by their absence. Speculating … it may be because there’s just not a lot she can say in the way of defending herself; that she knows she’s been caught and to deny it only invites public condemnation. Thus, her silence is an admission of guilt.

    At the risk of sounding sexist, Scott Broadwell was interviewed some time back; and he stated that in order to draw the two of them closer together in their marriage, that he literally turned wife Paula loose to pursue whatever professional goals she had. I am reminded of an old adage usually found carved on wooden wall-hangers in gift and craft shops, to wit …

    “If you love something, turn it loose.
    If it comes back to you it’s yours.
    If it doesn’t, it never was.”

    Uh … Scott, old man, it’s pretty obvious now … she was never yours; and you have never been more than a means to an end. Indeed, she could never truly commit to any one man. Her lifelong drive to quell an insatiable ambition assures that. You really need to re-define the entire nature of your association with Paula Kranz (Broadwell). She has physically demonstrated by her own behavior that you are the only person in your household who is married. Do you really want your sons to be raised by a person who is so totally amoral?

    Scott, how do you deal with knowing that you, yourself, created the situation where you would stay at home and play Mr. Mom while your wife was halfway around the world having the time of her life … banging a Four-Star General? Do you feel stupid? Do you feel like you’ve been played like the same cheap violin as David Petraeus? Have you realized that marrying her was the biggest mistake you ever made … and that it’s a mistake you can rectify? That woman living in your house that you thought was your wife already has a Lawyer … it’s time you got your own.

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