Appoint Chris Royse To The PWC School Board

There is an opening on the Prince William County School Board in the Woodbridge Dist. due to the resignation of Denita Ramirez who stepped down on account of a new job offer.  The school board will now begin the process of selecting a replacement who will serve until the seat can be permanently filled at the next general election.

Even before he made his interest known in this position, I thought of Chris Royse.  Royse and his wife Kathy have lived in Woodbridge for years where they are raising their three children who all attend PWC schools.  One can only describe these two as involved parents concerned about the educational opportunities for their children and wanting nothing but the best for our county’s students.  Chris has waged two hard-fought campaigns for Woodbridge Dist. supervisor based upon detailed, issue-oriented platforms.  Many of the issues that he has shown great commitment to, both in those races and as a citizen, relate either directly or indirectly to education — whether it be continuing to improve our schools, job training or public safety matters.  In fact, he has served as the At-Large Representative on the School Board’s Safe Schools Advisory Council.  His professional life has prepared him well for this position, too, in particular his role in the rebuilding the earthquake shattered nation of Haiti.

Chris Royse would be a great asset to the PWC School Board and I urge them to appoint him to represent Woodbridge.


4 thoughts on “Appoint Chris Royse To The PWC School Board

  1. Jim – Doesnt Chris have some baggage from his recent BOCS try? Why dont YOU go for the School Board seat? I think you would be an excellent addition to the School Board…….

    1. There is no more thankless job that being a school board member. Underpaid and overworked and someone is always angry with you. It’s a miracle that anyone wants to do it.

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