Seriously Lt. Gov. Bolling…

Seriously? A 2013 campaign mailer arrived in the mail today from Bill Bolling not 10 days after we finally stopped getting 2012 election mailers. This is bound to lose him points with people. At least wait until after Thanksgiving to give the voters a short breather. Which “brilliant” consultant had the idea to do this?


14 thoughts on “Seriously Lt. Gov. Bolling…

  1. I got it too and it was a terrible idea. But with anti-republican consultants like Vince Harris, it’s not surprising.

  2. Both Obenshain and Rob Bell had emails go out already. Didn’t get one from Frey so does that mean you are supporting him?

  3. Email is different. You don’t have to open it, you don’t have to look at it. Our mailboxes have been packed with flyers for months. We needed a break.

  4. I got three of this sent to similar previous addresses… apparently they didn’t even de-duplicate their mailing lists. What a waste of money. If this is an indication of how he would run our state, I’m glad to be supporting Cuccinelli.

    1. This is Boyd Marcus earning his pay. Much harder to send these mailers to as many people when you’re dealing with a convention instead of a primary.

  5. It’s sad that a great man and public servant had completely sold-out to his consultants the way the LG has. It is almost a virtual certainty that Ken Cuccinelli will be this party’s nominee for GOV, and will likely win in one ballot. The LG has had the opportunity to admit that this is a lost cause, but the consultants at Marcus & Allen are so invested that they won’t let him. Shame.

  6. Are you saying that Bolling’s consultants are forcing him to remain in the race when he doesn’t want to continue? Really?

    1. I’m saying it’s a known fact in political circles that the powers that be at Marcus & Allen are keeping Bill Bolling in this race. They belive the LG is entitled to be Governor after what he did in 2009, and they’re going to ruin a good man’s political career in the process.

  7. Bolling’s lack of presence in Loudoun, and his silence on the deeply flawed, and very costly metro deal, sent a lot of us over to Cuccinelli.

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