Things you should know about Holly Petraeus

Holly Petraeus is a very interesting woman who, along with her children Anne and Steven, have sacrificed throughout their lives to support the General’s military career.  A very interesting article is here, reporting 10 things we should know about Holly Peteraeus.  I love this picture of young Holly and David when they were dating at West Point.


19 thoughts on “Things you should know about Holly Petraeus

  1. Nice story. You know, she is the real victim in this sorted affair. I’m sure she will rise above it all and become a stronger woman for it. God bless her (and I hope she divorces the bum).

    1. Yes, regardless of his previous military successes, in the end, he is a bum (nice word, considering) for cheating on his wife and bringing shame on his family, the CIA, the Army, and yes, the American people. Like I said, his wife and kids are the real victims here, not him or his whore. All he did in his military carrier was over taken by his indiscretions for a vixen 20 years younger than him. Let’s remember that. He threw it all away for some bimbo. I glad he was sacked. He deserved it. Now let’s move on.

  2. Geez jen……….what a rotten thing to say……..and what do YOU look like? Mrs. Petraus is not ugly…maybe a few pounds extra? The General, well, he’s not exactly in shape…looks like all those medals drag him down……….funny looking face and shape.. Ms. Broadwell had to put a bag on his face before she………..didall that she did……for him

  3. Don’t you love it when the ignorant display their ignorance for the world to see. Perhaps Jen’s father used that as an excuse to cheat on her mother and she believed it. Poor, dumb, child. Bless her heart.

  4. Just because David wanted a hot younger woman is no reason to hate. He likes a tight young *****! Not some ugly fat ass wife! LMAO!

  5. Jen………barf to you………Look at Holly again when they got married…..Holly was likely 22 yo and gorgeous……….did you ever look that good Jen.? or whenyou LMAO……….do you shake the f ground?

  6. OK Jen……..tell us about YOU…..are you a perfect 2? You certainly are in your postings…..I dont want to go a step below your comments although read my mind…and the things i am thinking about YOU!!!!

    1. Hey Ken ….. Just ignore Jen. Although in a free society, such as ours, Jen is certainly entitled to her own personal opinion, but she obviously thinks this tragic situation is funny. It’s not,

    2. She’s a troll who has nothing better to do than to try to stir stuff on blogs. Yawn. Ignore her/him, she’ll move on to agitate elsewhere.

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