Boyd’s Blame Game

WMAL reported this morning that GOP consultant Boyd Marcus was blaming Mitt Romney, the RNC, RPV, conservatives in the VA General Assembly and everyone else but himself for George Allen’s loss in the Senate race last week.

Let’s burst Boyd’s bubble, shall we?  From the State Board of Elections —

President (Virginia):
Romney – 1,822,466 – 47.28%
Obama – 1,971,777 – 51.16%

Allen – 1,785,487 – 46.96%
Kaine – 2,010,023 – 52.87%

So, if Romney dragged Allen down, how did Romney get 36,979 / 0.32% more votes than Allen did?  In fact, Kaine outperformed Obama both in the raw vote total and in percentage: 38,246 / 1.71%.  When you compare the total number of Democrat and Republican votes cast in each race, there were actually 1,267 MORE votes in the Senate race than there were for president.  The answer here is simple — Marcus ran an outdated campaign that did a disservice to George Allen and now he is seeking to escape the blame.

Yesterday I wrote about the ill-timed mailer sent out on behalf of Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling’s 2013 gubernatorial campaign.  Guess who Bolling’s top strategist is . . . Boyd Marcus.


5 thoughts on “Boyd’s Blame Game

  1. It was also a pretty simple name ID issue. Was George Allen an amazing governor 20 years ago? Sure, but not everyone remembers that or lived here then. What people in general do remember is someone who was an alright governor v. someone who they voted out of office because of things like Macaca etc… Recent warm and fuzzy v. slightly older negative memory plus ancient great memories. You could also look at it as someone progressives could get excited about v. someone who the hard right never really got excited about. Hard to really blame others in a situation like that.

    Also how does Boyd find it possible to blame RPV when Allen’s campaign manager was just reelected RPV 1st Vice Chair? While it has already created many humorous moments, I’m glad Bolling is keeping Boyd.

  2. No name ID for George Allen? The man who was the Governor of the state and until 6 years ago was our Senator? You mean the man with same name as his father, the man who took the Redskins to the Super Bowl 4 times and whose brother is currently the Redskins General Manager? Yeah, no one in Virginia would recognize that name.

  3. I’m convinced Allen’s loss had much more to do with two things. “Macaca” was rolling through the brains of the indenpendents, and conservative/libertarian types remember his caving to the establishment on a number of issues as Senator. Had we seen more of Gov Allen in his term as Senator, it’s much less likely he would have lost in 2006 or 2012.

  4. Bottom line, the GOP needs new conservative leadership. The retreads from 20 years ago need to step aside for the next generation. This goes across the board in the country. It’s time to end the “it’s my turn to run” mentality and go with candidates who know the issues, can speak to the issues, work to build campaigns from the ground up, and pursuade voters.

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