General Petraeus Writing a Book?

So it would seem.  Petraeus has hired an elite, Washington lawyer, Robert Barnett, known for helping Washington pols negotiate big book deals.  He previously represented President Obama and Sarah Palin.  Now that Petraeus’s  mistress’s  book is in print, I guess he wants to get  his version of his life into print and make a buck or two now that he’s unemployed.


5 thoughts on “General Petraeus Writing a Book?

  1. Oh, gag me (again). Seriously? What’s he gonna call it, “How to Destroy Your Career, Dignity, and Family and Country Respect in One Easy Lesson”. Does anybody care anymore? Who would bother to read it? He is history, an old disgraced soldier that ought to just fade away.

    1. I agree! I have no idea who would care enough to read a book by Petraeus, but then I have no idea who would bother to read his mistress’s book either.

  2. yep………….this is a sad commentary on how our society seems to work….next he’ll peddle it all across the air waves………sad

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