Paula Broadwell and husband Scott return home to Charlotte

For the first time since the story of the General Petraeus’ affair was made public, Paula Broadwell and her physician husband, Scott, have returned to their home in an upscale Charlotte, NC neighborhood.  Paula wore sunglasses and carried one of her two young sons.  She was also wearing her wedding band ( whatever that means).  She did not speak with any of the press camped outside her home.  The family had been staying at her brother’s home in Washington, DC.  More here, here and here.


6 thoughts on “Paula Broadwell and husband Scott return home to Charlotte

  1. With respect Lovettsviile Lady, is there any chance you can get beyond the affairs, Petreaus, Broadwell, the sex emails and rock and roll. I do believe that most are interested in what happened in Benghazi, who ordered the rescue team to stand down, and back to basics, what was the purpose of the Benghazi mission to begin with. Any chance you can get beyond the American Idol or Dancing with the Stras bent on this whole issue. Man you have gotten so caught up in the Alinsky rule of the politics of personal destruction, and seem to have forgotten what the focus of the Benghazi massacre. Geez, I’ve now seen an almost coup of VA Virtucon to detract from what the Benghazi focus should really be. I ain’t into American Idol, and I sure ain’t into the manufactured story by the Obama admin. to take the focus away from the real WH scandal, lying, and treason against the US.

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