Kudos To Corey and Candland

We here at Virtucon have been pretty hard on our local elected leaders in Prince William County as of late (and deservedly so.) But never say that we don’t tout the good as well when we see it. County Chairman Corey Stewart has put forward a proposal to keep taxes flat for the FY 2014 budget.  This comes on the heels of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s similar call for a flat tax bill.

There really is no reason why this cannot be achieved.  All it takes is the right political will-power.  The biggest part of this will be for supervisors to get off the bandwagon of giving out “free stuff.”  Eliminating the district slush funds earlier this year was a good start.  Now they need to eliminate the so-called “carry over” fund process that makes the slush funds look like chump change.  If something needs to be funded, then fund it through an honest budgeting process — don’t hide it and then figure that you’ll just use carry over funds to pay for it later.

If we are to truly make county government cost-efficient and more effective, we need to go to a zero-based budgeting method to ensure that the needs of all of our county’s residents are properly met while taxpayers are protected.

We’ll be watching to see who agrees with us…


14 thoughts on “Kudos To Corey and Candland

  1. But who gets zeroed out in the process? Did they take a head count or propose to drop the neighborhood libraries because of all the illiterates? And what did the County do with the $17 million in turn-backs from the 11-12 budget?

    1. Ken – if someone gets “zeroed out” it’s up to them to find funding rather than appeal to political connections to confiscate more money from me. I’ve long been fed up with being the one “zeroed out” and forced to cut my budget and my ability to take care of my family because people like you consider my income theirs for the taking for whatever they want to spend it on. If you feel strongly about any of these organizations being “zeroed out” why don’t you volunteer and help them raise money?

    2. If that someone isn’t educating children in a classroom, putting out fires, ensuring public safety or some other prime government function, then I don’t have a problem with them being zeroed out.

    3. Riley – well stated. Anyone and everyone can make a cogent argument as to why their pet project, program, agency or perceived need is important and merits funding. However, government should be limited to those core services you mentioned. My children’s education is far more important to me than any of these programs Corey wants to cut. I’m not rich, but firmly middle class. Providing for and educating my kids is my main need.

      As I wrote above, those such as Ken who put a high priority on any of those cuts being proposed needs to get down to their offices today and volunteer. Taking my money by force to fund what you value gives you no moral high ground whatsoever. Giving your own time and money does.

  2. I agree with Riley that we need to give Corey a chance to get it right again. Most of us were once his supporters. He needs to realize, however, that promising something like a flat tax and then not delivering will mean his utter and complete demise in conservative politics.

    His reformation must include firing Peacor also. She’s the one behind the multi-billion dollar “critical unmet needs” BS, and its billion dollar arithmetic error that it took one of the candidates Corey defeated for Chair to catch. Peacor has never worked an honest day in her life and has no conception of how the private sector works or how jobs are created. We have her because of Corey, and Corey will not regain my support unless we have the flat tax and departure of Peacor.

    Actually, we don’t need a flat tax bill, but a reduced tax bill. The fiscal plan approved last year incorporated taxes growing much faster than inflation for at least five years. Don’t forget this. Even if Corey delivers a flat tax bill for FY2013, it’s flat on top of an already bloated tax bill for this year.

    Corey is on probation, and taxes and Peacor are two required tasks for him to take care of before he’s off probation and can move forward. If those two things don’t both happen, I’ll be in Richmond next spring to vote for someone else for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor, and, if he’s running supporting someone else for PWC Chair in 2015.

    Corey – you know what you have to do if you want me and many others to consider supporting you again.

    1. Sorry, I meant to say even if Corey delivers a flat tax bill for FY2014. That’s the one that will be voted on this coming spring. Even I get these dates mixed up sometimes.

  3. Well said Jim, except that your priorities are not necessarily all inclusive….how about the vets who sleep in the woods, the families living in cars, the senior citizens who need a little help (activity and blue bird buses and neighborhood libraries)…….do they count for anything???

    1. For these causes, how many of your own hours have you volunteered to help and how much of your own money have you contributed?

      Perhaps laying the burden of guilt on those who would chose themselves how to spend the fruits of their own labor rather than have you do it for them does not gain admission for you into the realm of the saints.

    2. And to presage what I know will be your next question regarding what I do myself, I’ll offer an answer in advance. I give generously to my church of both my money and my time. I contribute to other causes including a homeless shelter downtown. I care about every need you listed and more. We offer ministries that serve vets, the homeless, seniors and many others. Check out the outreach of the United Methodist Church, to which I have belonged for over one-half century.

      To even assert that I do not care about my community or those in need because I do not support a system that confiscates from me by force to fund programs often administered by inefficient bureaucracies and largely driven by political cronyism, is the height of arrogance and conceit.

  4. That is NOT the point Howard – how many hours i have volunteered – which are many by the way. The point is there is a need. It is also not about GUILT..YES, i have contributed money to these causes ….but that also is not the point. Perhaos that is why you just dont understand!!! Fruits of their labor!!! Do you understand that they dont want to be living in the woods…..they are lost people…many due to war injuries……

    1. Who are you to impose your values on me by force through the government? Liberals never cease complaining that conservatives try to impose their morals on everyone else. It’s entirely the other way around. Liberals define themselves as the ultimate source of knowledge of what needs society has, and what constitutes moral participation in that society. They then seek to force those decisions on everyone else through the power of government and taxation. If I don’t agree with what you think needs to be done, you just have the politicians take my money and do what you want with it anyway.
      I am not well-off or rich. I’m middle-class, and not even upper middle-class. However, I have no jealousy or envy of those better off than me. I don’t conclude that because they have more money than I do, that I have a right to take it away from them to use as I please.
      Again, when you find need go out and address it. Do not impose your values on others.

  5. Geez Howard, you may recall from your civics lessons that in a free society we can all make suggestions for legislation. And if othrs make such suggestions, it is not up to you to whine and sob that someone else has a thought that youdont like and start calling the other one with the good idea all sorts of names. I guess im middle class and certainly respect ALL classes…….right now, the nation has a terrible fiscal problem and if the people with considerable wealth do not pay a little more in taxes, they too will be wiped off the map (DJ) financially..

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