McAuliffe Moves Forward With Slasher Stoney On Board

Politico is reporting that Terry “Global Crossing” McAuliffe is moving forward with former DPV Exec. Dir. / “Operation Elephant” co-conspirator (lying to cover-up a plot after it has taken place does amount to conspiracy after the fact) Levar Stoney as one of his top campaign officials in his race for Gov. in 2013.

This is a clear sign of the kind of people that McAuliffe surrounds himself with.

Stoney also admitted he lied to Milwaukee detectives. But when approached in Virginia by the FBI he said he deemed it his “civic duty” to admit he heard the men talk about the vandalism once they returned to party headquarters.

This is pretty much what one should expect out of someone on Team McAuliffe — coming forward to do the right thing only when presented with no other viable options.

Don’t forget, McAuliffe magically transformed $100,000 into $18 million in less than a year in a half
with his investment in Global Crossing, which conveniently went bankrupt not long after he bailed out.