Norquist tells Republicans to hold the line on taxes

I have burned quite a bit of bandwith explaining why increasing taxes, as a matter of policy, is simply a bad idea. As I expected once the full results of Election 2012 became clear, there will be far fewer people – inside and outside the Republican Party – who share my view than ever.

As it happens, at least I won’t be alone; Grover Norquist has made it clear he opposes any tax increase – either by rates or by deduction elimination (NRO – Corner):

If any politician who has signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge votes for a tax plan that doesn’t raise rates, but does change the current deduction structure in such a way that the government gets more revenue, he has violated the pledge, says Grover Norquist.

“If you raise taxes, it’s a problem with the pledge,” Norquist tells National Review Online. “Romney’s plan was always revenue-neutral — I’m in favor of getting rid of deductions and credits and reducing rates, as long as it’s revenue-neutral. That’s always been the Republican position.”

He also rejects the notion that a politician could not violate the pledge by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire as they are scheduled to do at the end of the year. “Not an option,” Norquist responds. “There will be a vote to continue all tax cuts.”

So Norquist has drawn the line, and I’m glad he has. I expect a whole slew of Republicans will cross it anyway; it’s been my assumption since the 7th that the House Republicans, by and large, will cave. I also expect that the focus will be on Grover’s pledge, with the usual suspects demanding that promises to the voters be broken – apparently only rubes are supposed to believe what politicians say during campaigns.

That said, raising taxes is still a bad idea, period. It’s nice to hear someone else say it.

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7 thoughts on “Norquist tells Republicans to hold the line on taxes

  1. Increasing taxes when unemployment remains this high is completely idiotic and counter productive. Of course things like that never stopped democrats.

  2. Norquist is yesterday’s news. If we dont raise taxes on the almighty rich in order to balance the budget, we are looking at a colossal financial failure….the “rich’ stand to lose trillions of dollars in the stock market if there is a failure and the market crashes……………which is afairly good possibility…..

    1. Except raising taxes on them alone CAN’T balance the budget. They don’t have that much money (not a statement about them, but rather about how deep in debt we’ve gotten ourselves.)

  3. Who the heck is Norquist to draw a line?
    He really thinks he’s a deity, to whom fealty must be paid.
    Who the heck are the fools, who pay fealty to a person like
    Chickens? Yellow birds? Scaredy cats?

  4. !. Jim…….all of the budget proposals i have seen demonstrate enough flexibility to balance the budget over the next 10 years if cintinuation of the Bush tax cuts for people making > $250 thousand per year. 2. We are a bunch of suckers if our representatives give up taxing powers to Grover……SUCKERS….why bother to vote if Grover has bought our vote..

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