Senator Mark Warner will NOT run for Governor

I never thought that he would, but many other people thought Warner would give up a cushy Senator job to run for Governor of Virginia in preparation for a 2016 run for the Presidency.  Warner has now announced that he will not run, leaving the democrat nomination for Governor in 2013 to Terry McAuliffe.

Mark Warner’s video statement today, November 20, 2012.  I find it gag worthy, but that’s just me.


6 thoughts on “Senator Mark Warner will NOT run for Governor

  1. But will he run for reelection in 2014 or think about another sure to be ill-fated run for president like he did in 2008? Maybe he knows that Dewey Beach isn’t Vegas and what happens there doesn’t necessarily stay there.

    1. VERY interesting. The rumors about Dewey and the Senator are out there. Just ask the Clintons. In 2016 they will again prevent Warner from running unless Hilary wants him on her ticket.

  2. I am sorry to hear that Sen Warner might have been playing on/in Dewey Beach……………..that certanly would not help his quest for the Presidency. I think he would make a great candidate and better yet, an excellent choice for VP……………but right now there is a very deep bench in the Party

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