Stewart To GOP: Don’t Change Our Principles

PWC Chairman Corey Stewart, candidate for LG in 2013, has penned an op-ed in Potomac Local about what the GOP needs to do in order to regain its footing.  Key is the following.

Before Republicans consider major changes to our platform, let’s first get back to basics. Voters expect to be asked for their vote. And flashy TV ads and glossy flyers don’t make up for the lack of a personal touch. If we intend to ask people for their votes we need to go where they are, tell them what we believe, and listen to their concerns. The GOP must respect minority communities and not blow them off by never visiting their neighborhoods. When candidates do that, voters feel ignored and disrespected. For me, showing people a long-term commitment starts by going where they live, shaking their hand, looking them in the eye, and telling them how the principles I stand for will produce benefits that flow through their neighborhoods, regardless of their skin color.

I’ve done that, and you know what I’ve often found? Agreement. Time and time again I’ve met minority voters who agree with me, even on issues like gay marriage, abortion, and the enforcement of immigration laws. By suddenly changing our positions on these issues we could actually be walking away from common ground we share with large numbers of minority voters. I’ve also found, from my conversations, that even when we don’t agree, there are countless minority voters who have supported me over a Democratic candidate, because they know that I will represent them, that I will listen to them, and that I’m genuinely interested in the issues that concern them.

He’s right.  As he noted:

In the last six years I’ve won three countywide elections in Prince William County, including winning 72 of the County’s 77 precincts just one year ago. During that same time John McCain and Mitt Romney were losing the county, badly.


2 thoughts on “Stewart To GOP: Don’t Change Our Principles

  1. Who had all the glossies in this last campaign……..and i got up to 10 calls a day from Republicans……Corey talks about principles as if Democrats dont have them. He did obviously run strong campaigns on the local level….we’ll see what goes in the big leagues. He does know that the immigration issue is dead and i dont know how he will win again without such issue(s)

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