What Did The President Know About Elmo And When Did He Know It?

Now we know why President Obama said Elmo was seen in a white Suburban heading for the border. That raises the question — what did the President know about Elmo being a pedophile and when did he know it?


4 thoughts on “What Did The President Know About Elmo And When Did He Know It?

  1. Shame on you, Riley.

    Think how many children are going to be disappointed. Hopefully they won’t know.

    Would you feel better if it was the person who is Barney’s “handler?”

    1. The shame belongs with one person only — the man behind Elmo. My 9-year old daughter told me she heard Elmo was a child abuser. She then added that Elmo always did kind of creep her out.

      I was part of the first generation to grow up with Sesame Street. I’ve always viewed Elmo as a cynical Madison Avenue creation developed by a focus group. He just never really fit in with the other characters, yet he stole the spotlight and basically took over. Good riddance.

  2. I do hope you know I was kidding you. It will be interesting to see if Elmo the puppet retains his popularity of if the Count or Grover replaces him. Maybe we should give math a chance and have Counting Count or something.

    At any rate, the understudy stepped up and Elmo lives on.

    1. Yes, I do. I agree that it will be interesting to see what happens. You can never tell when there is a ton of dollars at stake. (We’re considering writing to Pampers and demanding that they take Elmo off their diapers. Creeps us out that Elmo is so close to our son’s privates.)

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