Whew! British government rejects Paul Tucker for Bank of England chief

About four months ago, Paul Tucker – Deputy Governor of the Bank of England – revealed his ungodly boneheadedness regarding the LIBOR scandal. Two months later, I was stunned to read that Tucker, despite this idiocy on his record, had the inside track to replace Mervyn King as the next Governor of the BOE (akin to the Federal Reserve Chairman here).

Well, I am happy to say it won’t happen. British Chancellor George Osborne was so determined not to appoint Tucker that he went outside the country and appointed Canada central bank chief Mark Carney instead (Telegraph – UK). Even better, the fact that Tucker pined for the job so badly means it is far less likely he will stay after King leaves office next year (Telegraph).

So it looks like I may actually get my wish – both King and Tucker gone. Good news for Britain, I say.

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